• EAM-1
    Tripod Mounter
    [Tripod Attachment]
    Attaches to the camera’s hinge unit with a single click. Can be used to attach to commercial tripod screws (1/4 20UNC).

    [Conversion Adapter]
    (included in EAM-1)
    By attaching it to the controller, you can attach other accessory (EAM-1/2/3) to the controller with a click.

  • EAM-2
    Multi-angle Clip
    A clip that easily attaches to a backpack or other surfaces. A 360-degree rotating mechanism allows for full range of motion for your camera.

  • EAM-3
    Multi-angle Belt Set
    Allows you to wear the camera around your wrist or head. Comes with two belts (long and short). A 360-degree rotating mechanism allows for a full range of motion with your camera.

  • EAM-4
    Multi-angle Stick
    Extends from 330mm up to 1045mm. Adjusts the camera’s direction and the controller’s angle. Allows you to check the angle while shooting.

  • EX-FR100CA

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