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Announcement on the end of production for Casio digital cameras

Casio has applied its unique ideas and technologies to the creation of new culture through the digital cameras it has offered as visual communication tools since 1995. That year saw the release of the QV-10, the world’s first consumer digital camera with a LCD.

We are proud to have developed products that created a new culture of communication, such as the EX-S1, an ultrathin camera that users could carry with them wherever they went to take pictures at any time; the EX-F1, which incorporated a unique, high-speed technology that could capture subjects invisible to the naked eye; and the TR series, which allowed users to enjoy taking beautiful selfies in a variety of free photography styles.

We have decided that, after 23 years of developing the visual communication tools which have been highly supported and loved by our users, we will be halting production of our existing compact digital cameras.

In the future, Casio will be pursuing product development in entirely new genres, and will leverage the video and image technologies and various unique technologies that we have cultivated over many years. At some later time, we would like to present products that have the potential to become new favorites and the capability to surprise and move our customers.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and for using our products over the years.

Casio will continue to offer repairs and other after-sales services as usual in line with the conditions we have previously stipulated.


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