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Beautiful skin and artistic backdrop, all in a single shot. Super wide-angle model.

Color Variations

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12.1 Megapixels
12.1 Megapixels
Optical Zoom:5×
Optical Zoom:5×
Battery Life Approx. 430 still images
Battery Life Approx. 430 still images
  • Based on CIPA standards.(Eco Mode : 510 shots)
3.0-inch Super Clear LCD
3.0-inch Super Clear LCD
19mm Wide-angle Lens
19mm Wide-angle Lens
Shooting Interval 022S
Shooting Interval 0.22S
Wireless LAN function
Wireless LAN function


The customizable Make-up Mode lets you decide what is meant by “beautiful skin”

The make-up function has evolved even further to provide images portraying the ideal beauty of the skin that women seek, together with the desired skin tone and smoothness. Make-up effects that not only provides a brightness to the skin but also a fresh, vivacious tint to express smooth and natural beauty has been achieved. Features that are three-dimensionally defined with great clarity ensure images that portray the true charm of women.

[ Make-up Art ] Turn beautiful skin and incredible backdrops into gorgeous works of art

Make-up Vivid
Take even more colorful selfies when you come across a beautiful backdrop during your travels
Make-up HDR
Enhance your skin’s beauty and create an artistic backdrop, all in a single shot
Make-up Blurred Background
Shoot professional-looking SLR-style shots with blurred backgrounds

[ Super wide-angle 19-mm * lens ] Captures everyone and the scenery widely and beautifully

A super wide-angle 19-mm * lens with outstanding resolution and a high-performance filter enables stunning wide shots. Easily fit everyone and the background in the wide image area, and shoot more freely without worrying about the angle of view.
Put yourself in front of dynamic scenery and shoot stunning selfies by hand. It can even beautify your face and legs.

  • Converted to 35mm film format.

[ EXILIM Auto Transfer ] Auto send images to your smartphone at the press of a shutter button

Bluetooth / WiFi
EXILIM Auto Transfer

You can “Auto Send” captured images to your smartphone simply by taking pictures as you usually do. Your images are sent directly to your smartphone, even when it’s tucked away in your bag.

  • May not be possible depending on the communications environment or the smartphone model to be connected.
EXILIM Auto Transfer
  • Requires installation of smartphone specific app “EXILIM Connect”.
  • Bluetooth ® low energy compatible smartphone required.
Easily send images using QR Code

A QR code is displayed when you select an image using the One Time Share function. By loading the QR code onto your smartphone, you can easily share images there and then, without being asked to install an app or providing contact information.

Picture information of the QR codes is saved. They can then be printed and sent, uploaded to SNS, or used in various other ways.

Send images quickly from the PLAY screen

Images can be sent directly from the PLAY screen; no smartphone pairing required.

  • Only one file can be sent at a time (or all files in a CS group).
Auto Send only images that contain faces

Auto Send *1 only the images taken with Face Detection *2 to a smartphone. With the Tilt-type LCD open, you can also Auto Send only selfies taken with Face Detection. This is handy for sharing images taken together with friends.

  • *1 Must be set up first.
  • *2 Face Detection must be [On].

All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.
Actual images may appear different from those shown here. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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