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16.1 Megapixels
16.1 Megapixels
Optical Zoom:10×
Optical Zoom:10×
Battery Life Approx.280 still images
Battery Life Approx.280 still images
3.0-inch Super Clear LCD
3.0-inch Super Clear LCD
25mm Wide-angle Lens
25mm Wide-angle Lens
0.14s High-speed AF
0.14s High-speed AF *
  • Based on CIPA standards.
Premium Auto PRO(en-US)
Premium Auto PRO(en-US)
Analyzes the scene before your eyes quickly and automatically. Just press the shutter button to create beautiful photos.
Wireless LAN function
Wireless LAN function



Perfect for vacations or leisure

Enjoy selfies on vacation or during your leisure time with a tilting LCD style.
Take gorgeous photos that you can share easily with this comprehensive model.

More than enough easy and enjoyable options for taking self-portraits and group shots

With ZR50’s tilt-type LCD, taking self-portraits and groups shots are even more fun and easy to do. Because it’s compact, you can quickly take it out and snap shots whenever and wherever there’s a gathering of friends and family. You can even share those precious moments with absent friends by uploading your recorded images to SNS sites via smartphone. When taking pictures is fun, the time you enjoy with your family and friends is even more enjoyable.

NEW Tilt-type LCD makes taking self-portraits easy

When taking a self-portrait, simply open the tilt-type LCD 180 degrees. This way, you can check both angle and composition to easily capture the image you desire. What’s more, taking self-portraits has never been easier since the control buttons also tilt along with the LCD, making it smooth and simple to playback or skip forward/backward to any recorded images. This “Shoot” and “Look” function redefines the meaning of “fun” in taking self-portraits.

NEW Taking self-portraits is “straightforward” with the Front Shutter button

The ZR50 features a shutter button on the front of the camera body. This means you can hold the camera out lengthwise with the lens trained on yourself and easily release the shutter with your thumb.

NEW Have fun taking groups shots hands-free

The ZR50’s Motion Shutter feature senses the movement of your hand when you wave at the camera and activates the shutter release timer. This convenient feature leaves your hands free to pose and take self-portraits or group shots with your camera placed at a distance from yourself.

NEW Newly evolved Make-up Mode for refined beauty

The ZR50 can automatically recognize the faces of subjects in a frame and express their skin tone in brighter and smoother tones. You can easily adjust your preferences for both “Skin Tone” and “Smooth Skin” to automatically apply the finishing touches to enhance your captured images in any way you like. Moreover, the ZR50 features a Make-up BKT (Bracketing) function that rapidly takes three shots of varying “Skin Tone” make-up effects with a single press of the shutter button. This means you capture not only the image that you specified in your “Skin Tone” setting, but also two distinct images taken at levels above and below that setting to provide you with a selection of best shots.

NEW Express the emotion of the moment with Quick Collage

Easily create a single collage that combines your captured images. Produce single images that express the atmosphere and mood of parties, travels and other events.

NEW Combining ZR50 with your Smartphone boosts the fun factor

Take self-portraits that are a cut above the rest by framing your composition with your smartphone’s display. Also, by sending the captured image to your smartphone, you can immediately check the shot and upload it for viewing on and SNS site. The fun is not just in taking pictures, but also in what you can do after you take them.

* Installation of dedicated “EXILIM Remote” app in your smartphone required.

* App may not work on some smartphone models.

* Check Google Play or App Store for OS versions that are compatible with the app.

* App specifications and system compatibility are subject to change without notice.


EXILIM Engine HS, Ver 3 installed for remarkable high-speed operation


Short shooting interval for stress-free photography
 Approx. 1.2-second start-up time *
 Approx. 0.14-second high-speed AF *
 Approx. 0.015-second shutter release time lag *
 Approx. 0.26-second shooting interval *

* Based on CIPA standards.


Beautiful results with a press of the shutter button
 Premium Auto Pro
 All-In-Focus Macro
 Blurred Background


Discover a world of fun every time you press the shutter button
 Time Lapse
 Art Shot
 Art Shot Bracketing
 Quick Collage
 HS Night Shot

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