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11.1 Megapixels
11.1 Megapixels
Single Focus Lens
Single Focus Lens
Battery Life Approx.220 still images
Battery Life Approx.220 still images
  • Approximate; CIPA standards. Normal screen brightness (based on CASIO data)
3.0-inch LCD
Wide-angle Lens 21mm
Wide-angle Lens 21mm *
  • Converted to 35mm film format.
Shooting Interval 024S
Shooting Interval 0.24S *
  • Based on CIPA standards.
Wireless LAN function
Wireless LAN function


Make-up Mode provides even higher quality images to enhance the expression of beauty

The make-up function has evolved even further to provide images portraying the ideal beauty of the skin that women seek, together with the desired skin tone and smoothness. Make-up effects that not only provides a brightness to the skin but also a fresh, vivacious tint to express smooth and natural beauty has been achieved. What’s more, brighter and clearer images can be taken with the latest software. This gives women a charming appearance no matter when it’s day or night.

[ Development of brightness to the skin ]

With the splendid make-up function, a natural skin beauty is achieved. It’s more than only brightness, a fresh and vivacious skin is expressed with a well balanced tint of the lip and cheek.

[ Development of performance in darkness ]

Even in the darkness, much brighter imaging becomes possible which is beyond your imagination.

Make-up on Movie

Make-up effects now supported to make not only selfies, but also videos much more fun. Attain the desired level of skin smoothness and tone even with videos.

* Skin tone and skin smoothness settings reflected back onto the images.

* Effective with the Make-up Mode, Premium Auto Pro, BS HS Night Scene Portrait and Instant Movie functions.

* Processed differently to still images.

Instant Movie

Filming is possible while the button is being pressed, enabling the user to produce their own original movies by joining together multiple cuts. The make-up effects are supported in created videos to enhance the enjoyment of posting them to SNS sites.

L/R Flip Shot

It is now possible to invert the images being recorded so that they are seen in their original form when taking selfies with the lens and LCD aligned on the same side.

From the pursuit of beauty comes stunning image quality

EX-TR70 combines EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3 with a high sensitivity 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor and a newly developed lens with outstanding optic qualities. Also equipped with a high brightness LED for capturing even more beautiful images in dark or backlit conditions, vastly improved self-portrait image results can be achieved in any situation. What this means is that you can enjoy selfies that are a cut above anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Powered by EXILIM Engine HS, Ver. 3

An advanced EXILIM Engine creating beauty for a new generation

EXILIM Auto Transfer lets you smoothly share your captured images

All you have to do is take your selfies like you do every day and your images are automatically transferred to your smartphone. From there, you can easily share your pictures by emailing the images or uploading them to your favorite SNS. This seamless link between your smartphone and camera adds elegance to your sharing style.

* smartphone photo app “Scene”

* Requires installation of smartphone specific app “EXILIM Connect”.

* Bluetooth ® low energy compatible smartphone required.


Uses a tapering wedge shape from the lens toward the monitor. The main body gets thinner toward the edge and the frame is even thinner than the body to provide an impressive design and a slim size that easily fits the hands of women.

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