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14 Megapixels
14 Megapixels
Single Focus Lens
Single Focus Lens
Approx.230 still images
Battery Life Approx.230 still images
  • Approximate; based on CIPA standards.
2.7-inch Super Clear LCD
2.7-inch Super Clear LCD
Wide-angle Lens 21mm
Wide-angle Lens 21mm *
  • Converted to 35mm film format.
Wireless LAN function
Wireless LAN function



Express your “KAWAII”!

Support for a “Selfie Life” for girls who want to express “KAWAII”!
Carry the camera with style, and take selfies with the Mirror Cam on a whim.

NEW A new style selfie camera that captures the image you see reflected in its mirror surface

With the lens positioned inside the camera’s mirror-finished front body, you can check your reflection while taking pictures. Use your digital camera like a hand mirror when taking selfies. Experience a totally new style for capturing selfie images.

NEW Make-up Mode for capturing beauty just the way you want

Respectively adjust “Skin Tone” and “Smooth Skin” settings according to your preferences. For example, you can use “Skin Tone” to capture your skin in a lighter shade and “Smooth Skin” for a fresher, more lustrous look.

NEW EXILIM Link lets you see and share with your smartphone

If you install the “EXILIM Link” app on your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy looking at your captured images on those devices, and also quickly upload them for viewing on SNS sites. Share your best selfies with your friends and family.

* The EXILIM Link app must be installed on your smartphone or tablet.

OSs which support EXILIM Link

Check OS versions compatible with the app on Google Play or the App Store.

* App functions and operating environments may be altered without prior notice.

* The app may not function on some smartphone models.

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