June 24, 2016

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  • Sales : Casio Domestic Sales Division
  • Location : Tokyo, Japan
  • Product : DT-970, IT-G500
  • Application : Inventory Control and Mobile POS

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TOWER RECORDS is the Giant for retailing Music and AV products and their motto “ NO MUSIC, NO LIFE “ is very famous among young generations. Operating nationwide 87 stores including Flagship store in Shibuya, Tokyo, TOWER RECORDS are handling variety of CD, DVD, Books etc. Now they started using CASIO DT-970 Handheld for their inventory checking for cost-effective Inventory work.

DT-970 High Performance for Barcode reading in Inventory Control

TOWER RECORD’s operation excellence is in “ Wide ” and “ Deep ” range of product assortments. In Shibuya Store, their flagship store always keep approximate 800 thousands shop-front stock. Now Casio DT-970 Handheld is used for their inventory controls which are done twice to four times per year. Mrs. Katagiri IT General Manager told “ We did comparison test on cost, operation and quality among several manufacturers and concluded Casio DT-970 is the best handheld due to barcode reading and usability even for sales clerks new to Handheld. ”

Quick and Smooth Inventroy checking by DT-970

“ Barcode reading in Shop front is sometimes difficult and reading errors will happen often, as the barcodes on CD and DVDs are overwrapped by Plastic films and cases. These conditions sometimes involve reflections of ceiling lights and barcode reading errors. But DT-970 has very good scanning quality and we have no scanning errors at all. We are very satisfied at test result. ”, Mr. Ito Administration Dept told.

In Former Inventory checking, store workers were obliged to peel off the plastic films to read the barcodes on non-readable CDs and DVDs and took long time to rescan the items which got scanning errors once. But now inventory checking is easily done by one-hand operation smoothly.

IT-G500 for Duty-Free Shopping

As from October, 2015, TOWER RECORS started test operations under new Duty Free Sales system and Casio IT-G500 are used for Mobile POS for Duty Free Sales. IT-G500 C-MOS scanner can read OCR-B fonts which are broadly used for passport descriptions. Such data as name, nationality, birthday, passport number can be captured by IT-G500 and necessary documents for duty free sales can be made automatically.

Mrs. Katagiri explained, “ We have tested Gun-type scanners and Magnetic readers but we realized that IT-G500 has the best reading quality. Data checking with Large size Display is also quite easy, and furthermore IT-G500 can be used for Mobile POS and Cash settlements. ”

REMARK : IT-G500 Japanese Domestic model has some original functions different from Overseas models.

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