Customize CASIO Watches for Gifts

Casio products for a special anniversary

One of the best ways to express your feelings of gratitude and appreciation is through customized Casio products that are not available anywhere else. Through a special anniversary gift. As a promotional product for a campaign you want to be successful. Casio is ready to help in any way possible.

What is a Commemorative / Premium product?

A gift intended for a company, organization or school presented at an anniversary or commemorative ceremony. Purchases of substantial quantities of promotional products for initiatives such as consumer sales campaigns and prizes may also fall into this category. If desired, a commemorative/premium product can also be customized to include color printing or a name printed on the product.

To corporate customers

Due to budget limitations, it has become difficult to satisfy employee expectations through the use of cash bonuses and awards aimed at improving and maintaining employee motivation.

This is because everyone forgets about cash award events within three months after they are held.

Incentive products and gifts, on the other hand, are tangible and lasting, can serve as objects of pride for recipients for a long time to come. Of course, superior products are essential for promoting and maintaining employee motivation into the future.

CASIO’s selection of high-quality timepieces may be just the thing to make your incentive program a success.

CASIO works on distribution processing as part of “JAPAN Production” as well as the products.

The processing quality is evaluated by certain process.
Processing work is started after collaborating on and verifying the following with partner companies.

  • Processing range setting preferences
  • Materials processing verification

1. Firmly-printed Surface

Testing if the printed patterns are not removed from the surface.

Adhesion test
Adhesion test

2. Weather Resistance

Testing the resistance to discoloration by ultraviolet light.

UV light test
UV light test

3. Chemical Proof

Testing the strength of surface against chemicals.

Chemical test
Chemical test

4. Environment Resistance

Testing the durability under the high/low temperature and humidity.

Temperature test
Temperature test

Sample customizations

Laser Engraving

A spot which is often rubbed such as buckle, laser engravings is suitable. Because material itself changes, colors would not fade.

• Engraved design is resistant to abrasion
• Can be printed on any surface of the band

• Cannot choose colors

The color is changed to brown for black urethane band

Inkjet printing

Capable of handling designs with gradations of shading and photographic images. Names can also be printed in a variety of materials.

Inkjet printing is resistant to abrasion, but is more prone to color fading than laser engraving.
* Design documents should be supplied as data files.

• Full color printing is possible
• can be printed on any surface of the band

• Pointed color may be changed due to the band color

Available range of customization

A 1 mm border is required from the edge of the watchband. (Area indicated by the red frames.)
* Watchband shapes differ depending on the model.

1. Belt

1mm from edge must be remain empty when printing on the belt.
(Printable area is yellow.)


2. Back cover and Buckle

• The seal can be carved only on the empty space.
(yellow area)
• Laser engraving only.

Back cover and Buckle
Back cover and Buckle

3. Font

The style must be Gothic.

4. Note

The range of one laser engraving process is 85mm × 85mm.
for large mark, plural time of work is necessary.

Examples of usage scenes

high quality

Employee Incentives

  • Recognition of long term service
  • Performance excellence awards

Don’t you feel that non-cash incentives might be a good way to improve employee motivation?
According to a recent Mckinsey survey, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and improve employee motivation through the use of the monetary rewards of the past.
Wouldn’t it be better to reward performance with high-quality products that are made one-of-a-kind items through high-quality inscription of a name or distinctive log?

Sales Promotions

  • Dealer incentives
  • Consumer gifts

Since their role is to present a sense of the quality of your products, promotional gifts must also be of high quality and reliability.

Corporate Events

  • Founding commemoration
  • Anniversary gifts

Commemoration of a company’s founding presents an opportunity to clients and business associates of successes to date, to heighten trust, and to enhance the corporate reputation.
Internally, it can be used to recall the founding principles of the company, and to reaffirm original concepts and visions. High quality is a must for commemorative products, which can be employed to define a corporate philosophy.

Sample applications

• Commemorative products recognizing long service • Products commemorating the founding of an enterprise • Commemorative products recognizing safe driving • Commemorative products for retiring staff • Commemorative products recognizing high achievement levels • Products to benefit employees • Commemorative campaign products for agencies • Products to commemorate the closing of a contract • Campaign products for consumers, etc.

Case Studies

Employee Incentives

Country: Brazil
Business: Manufacture and sales of transport aircraft
Purpose: Incentive for sales people
Number of Items: 3,400


Corporate Events

Country: Thailand
Business: Machine manufacturing
Purpose: Gift to employees in commemoration of 20 years since the company founding
Number of Items: 620


Sales Promotion

Country: Australia
Business: Manufacture of electrical equipment
Purpose: Dealer incentive
Number of Items: 400

  • Please contact your local sales customer for high-quality watches and high-quality distribution processing.

Tracking your transaction


Refer to the contact information for each country.

* Please note that Casio may be unable to meet your requirements in some cases.