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A tough camera for tough shooting.

From harsh seas and rugged snowy mountains to tough city streets. Push your limits on all fields. The birth of COOL STREET GEAR G’z EYE brings action to the world of visual communication.

6.9 Megapixels
6.9 Megapixels
Single Focus Lens
Single Focus Lens
Battery Life Approx. 355 still images
  • When operating as camera only.
  • Based on CIPA standards.
Anti Shake
Anti Shake
  • Anti Shake only available in supported quality formats (FHD, STD)
13mm Wide-angle Lens
13mm Wide-angle Lens
Wireless LAN function
Wireless LAN function


Strength to overcome the limits of your environment

In an urban or extreme sports setting, strength matters. Inspired by G-SHOCK and constructed with the same durability, the G’z EYE copes with harsh environments, extreme conditions, and demanding activities. This is a camera you can use anytime, anywhere, in any situation — without worrying about breakage.

[ Shock resistance Dropping up to 4m *1 ] Tough against shock and vibration

Endures drops and impacts with shock-resistant performance, ideal for situations where drops from heights, harsh collisions and tumbles may occur.

Tough against shock and vibration
[ Water-proofing Depths up to 50m *2 ] Endures the roughest waves

Use with peace of mind in sudden rain or underwater. Unique air-tight build won’t succumb to even the harshest of waves. Also mounts on your surfboard to capture you in action.

Endures the roughest waves
[ Dust-proofing IP6X standard *3 ] Shrug off dirt

Shuts out grit and dirt with a unique dust-proof build. Made for harsh environments — if it gets dirty, just clean using water.

Shrug off dirt
[ Low-temperature resistance -10℃ *4 ] Doesn’t give in to cold

Tackles environments as low as -10℃ (14°F). Use on the slopes or go off-piste.

Doesn’t give in to cold
  • *1 : Shock-resistance: Built to our unique standards based on MIL-Standard 810G Method 516.7-Shock, the product cleared testing when dropping from heights of 4 m onto plywood (lauan wood).
  • *2 Water-resistant: Equivalent to JIS/IEC grade 8 (IPX8). Survives continued immersion at depths up to 50 m for 30 minutes, and can endure direct splashes from all directions. Cleared water injection (immersion machine) testing to grade 8.8 of JIS F 0812:2006 standard. The product clears a test involving exposure to water jets at a strength of 10 atm (a Casio standard).
  • *3 Dust-proofing equivalent to JIS/IEC grade 6 (IP6X).
  • *4 For use in temperature ranges of -10℃ to 40℃. However, where battery temperature falls below 0℃ (32°F), wireless LAN connectivity will not function. Generally, as temperatures drop, battery capacity will temporarily degrade, decreasing the photography time and number of shots you can take. Try not to expose the spare battery to cold.
  • * As this product’s shock resistance and dust resistance are tested according to our unique standards, resistance to damage or breakdown are not guaranteed.

[ Super wide angle photography ] Create dynamic images with a sense of perspective

Equipped with Super Wide Angle lens for recording FHD movies covering of 170.4° * , or snapshots covering 190.8°. Covers a wider scope to keep your subject in frame more easily, so you can shoot without worrying about angles, or even shoot blind. Take in a wider view to create images with greater presence when taking close-up selfies or POV images.

  • When Movie Anti Shake is set to “off” or “standard” mode.

[ Dramatic slow motion ] Slow down parts of movies wherever you like, by as much as you like

The moment you press the Slow button while recording movies, frames before and after are captured at high speeds of 4 or 8 times the normal framerate. Don’t let the best extreme sports tricks and jumps go unnoticed — slow down the most exciting moments to make the coolest movies. By customizing the Slow Motion Time and Timing settings, even high speed action can be captured. You can also make it dramic by incorporating slow motion footage into a movie as many times as you like, where action continues moment to moment.

[ G’z EYE ] G’z EYE dedicated smartphone app


From recording to playback, uploading to social media, and all kinds of settings, you can do it all from the app. Use your familiar smartphone to make use of G’z EYE just the way you want to.

  • App may not work on some smartphone models.
  • Check Google Play or App Store for OS versions that are compatible with the app.
  • App specifications and system compatibility are subject to change without notice.

Connect with your Smart Outdoor Watch

Link with the Smart Outdoor Watch (WSD-F20/F10) to control the camera remotely. View still images and movies in the palm of your hand.

  • To link the devices, check that the latest firmware is installed on the G’z EYE. Issues may arise when not using the latest firmware.

All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.
Actual images may appear different from those shown here. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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