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About Emulator and Manager

Emulator and Manager are software that emulates the operation of scientific calculator, including graphic models.
Using Emulator or Manager you can perform all the calculator functions on your computer.
It allows teachers to prepare teaching materials and present them in a classroom using a projector.
Emulator and Manager are effective tools for creating learning activities and conducting workshops.

About Emulator and Manager

Benefits for Teachers and Students


Emulator and Manager allow teachers to easily explain new material using a projector.
Students can learn more effectively because software performs and displays operations in the same way as students' calculators.


Demonstration using a poster and pointer or no demonstration
Easy-to-understand interactive demonstrations


Emulator and Manager allow teachers to prepare teaching materials for math classes.
With the help of copy and paste function they can easily create materials that include key operations and calculator display screenshots.

Activities / Materials

Activities / Materials
Creation of key buttons by hand
Activities / Materials
Key buttons can be easily created using the Keylog/Font function.

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