Casio Revamps the BABY-G Collection for Contemporary Women

January 30, 2018

30 January 2018 – The inception of the first G-SHOCK in 1983 didn’t just cause a paradigm shift in the watch industry by setting new standards for durability. Instead, this watch also seeded the development of the entire G-SHOCK family, which remains a calling card for CASIO today after 35 years.

Among the various G-SHOCK collections, the BABY-G has always been one of the most fashion-forward. First introduced in 1991, its arrival heralded the G-SHOCK’s meteoric rise in popularity within urban culture and street fashion in the 1990s. The BABY-G itself was an instant hit among the girls and young women it was designed for, and went on to become a defining facet of the zeitgeist for that decade and beyond. The collection’s appeal is easy to explain – by melding the legendary toughness of the G-SHOCK with designs that suited younger female wearers both aesthetically and ergonomically, the BABY-G filled a niche that no other timepiece did.

The original wearers of the BABY-G have matured and their needs have changed though, so the collection is due for an update. CASIO has revamped the BABY-G and repositioned it accordingly, to ensure its continual relevance in the market today.

In lieu of overtly girly designs, the new generation of BABY-G timepieces now project a cooler and more mature vibe. For a start, superfluous details have been stripped away to leave behind cleaner, sharper lines. CASIO has also worked on details that aren’t immediately apparent to improve the BABY-G’s ergonomics. New BABY-G watches now come in slimmer cases that retain their robustness, thanks to a redesigned case structure developed by CASIO’s engineers. Meanwhile, straps have been equipped with more closely spaced holes to allow smaller sizing adjustments for a closer fit to the wrist. Functionally, the new BABY-G watches have also been enhanced to match the lifestyles of their wearers, with some models sporting additions such as the step tracker, which helps wearers to estimate their activity levels.

The BABY-G looks set to continue its evolution as CASIO refines the collection’s design and technical language to suit the contemporary market. For now, its blend of style and substance promises to fulfil various far-ranging needs, whether as part of an athleisure ensemble, or a casual timepiece for a night out.

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