GZE-1Camera Performance


[ EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3 ] Two image processing circuits for high-speed performance


A dual-pipeline processing circuit (2 CPUs and 2 ISPs*1) and a DRP*2 for processing images at high speed have now made it possible to continue pressing the shutter to take photographs while complex image processing is taking place. Its easy-to-see screen and intuitive operations make shooting all the more pleasant.

  • *1Image Signal Processor: An image-processing unit for digital cameras that processes image signals at high speed.
  • *2Dynamic Reconfigurable Processor: A processor which can freely adjust the hardware configuration to suit any requirement.
Normal Dual CPU engine
Normal Dual CPU engine
EXILIM Engine HS, Ver.3
EXILIM Engine HS, Ver.3

[ Super wide angle photography ] Create dynamic images with a sense of perspective

Equipped with Super Wide Angle lens for recording FHD movies covering of 170.4°*, or snapshots covering 190.8°. Covers a wider scope to keep your subject in frame more easily, so you can shoot without worrying about angles, or even shoot blind. Take in a wider view to create images with greater presence when taking close-up selfies or POV images.

  • When Movie Anti Shake is set to “off” or “standard” mode.

[ Dramatic slow motion ] Slow down parts of movies wherever you like, by as much as you like

The moment you press the Slow button while recording movies, frames before and after are captured at high speeds of 4 or 8 times the normal framerate. Don’t let the best extreme sports tricks and jumps go unnoticed — slow down the most exciting moments to make the coolest movies. By customizing the Slow Motion Time and Timing settings, even high speed action can be captured. You can also make it dramic by incorporating slow motion footage into a movie as many times as you like, where action continues moment to moment.

[ 30fps* high speed CS shooting ] Don’t miss a single moment

EXILIM has realized high-speed continuous shooting at up to 30 frames/second.* It can capture fast-moving subjects in crucial moments.

  • A maximum of 30 images can be taken.

[ Prerecord CS shooting ] Capture the moments leading up to pressing the shutter button

High speed CS captures up to 30 shots before and after pressing the shutter button. Prevents failed shots.

♦ Maximum number of shots in one go: 15 shots before, and 15 shots after pressing the shutter button
♦ CS speed: 30 fps

[ Time Lapse ] A new way of showing slow and gradual changes in minutes

Shoot at timed intervals and bring it all together into a single movie. The fluctuating atmosphere at sports venues, the flow of clouds outside, the changing views inside a car — show all of these changes and more in a short space of time.

[ 3-axis Movie Anti Shake ] Make blur-free movies

Corrects and copes with motion blur from every direction using blur-correction. Understands camera movement through sensing and image analysis, allowing you to make movies with as little blur as possible, even when filming on the move.

  • When Movie Anti Shake is set to “strong” mode. “Standard” mode uses 2-axis correction.

[ FHD movie continuous play ]

Supports full high-definition quality movies. Even if shooting stops due to time limits, recording restarts automatically.

All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.
Actual images may appear different from those shown here. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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