Creating New Value for Timepieces with Ceaseless Advancements

March 22, 2018

Yuichi Masuda
Senior Executive Managing Officer, Member of the Board
Senior General Manager, Timepiece Product Division

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is proud to exhibit at Baselworld. Once again this year, we present to the world the ground-breaking ideas of the brightest minds in our timepiece business and the great products that these ideas have brought to the global market.

Last year at Baselworld 2017, we announced our original new Connected Engine module. This innovative technology gained a great deal of attention for its ability to connect a watch with a smartphone to download data from time servers and keep accurate time anywhere in the world, while also automatically updating the watch’s internal data. We also introduced high-performance analogue G-SHOCK, OCEANUS, and EDIFICE watches equipped with the Connected Engine module, and these have earned strong accolades from users.

Now, at Baselworld 2018, we are showcasing a line-up that delivers leading-edge features with designs that evoke the inherent beauty of the timepiece. The latest additions to the flagship MR-G series in the G-SHOCK brand and the OCEANUS line feature hand-finishing by Japanese master artisans on each watch, proudly showcasing the craftsmanship we put into these timepieces. I am sure you appreciate the importance of aesthetic value when it comes to a timepiece. We do, too. At Casio, we are proud of the way our products combine functional beauty with the beauty of traditional artisanal techniques. I am sure you will also enjoy trying out our latest, highly original additions to the EDIFICE, PRO TREK, BABY-G, and SHEEN brands.

With our Connected Engine module keeping accurate time anywhere in the world, we are proud to have perfected one of the essential, precision functions of a timepiece. Yet I can promise you that Casio will never stop pursuing further technical advancements that make timepieces even more reliable. We will continue to leverage our highly original product portfolio to create new possibilities for the timepiece, leveraging our exclusive shock-resistant designs and our innovative use of hand movements powered by digital technologies. As a true watch manufacturer, we do it all—from the development of new functions and constructions, to the manufacture of parts, to the assembly of watches. This is why you can count on Casio to continue creating new value for timepieces.

I invite you to visit our booth and experience the diverse range of highly original Casio timepieces on display.

Main models at BASELWORLD2018