Mini Series



Main Functions

Cost, Selling Price and Margin Calculations

Perform the operations shown to the right to calculate cost, selling price, and margin.

Exchange Functions

Current rates for converting between U.S. dollars and up to three national currencies by simply pressing corresponding button. A simple operation also converts between national currencies, with intermediate conversion to U.S. dollars.

Tax Calculations (Excluding Thermal Printer)

Set the rate you want for easy calculation of amount plus tax, amount less tax, and tax amount.

Printing Sample

  • Cost

    What is the cost of an item that sells for $150 after a 30% margin is added?


  • Selling Price

    What would the selling price be for an item that costs $120 after a 40% margin is added?

    Selling Price

  • Margin

    What is the margin on an item that costs $1,000 and sells for $2,000?


  • * Print sample: DR-120TM

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