Check and correct



150 Steps CHECK

Review and Auto Review

The calculator stores up to 150 steps in memory, which you can scroll through using the and keys.

Review up to 150 calculation steps.

Auto Review by pressing one single button!

Insert / Delete

* DJ-240D / DJ-220D only.

Add steps to or delete steps from a calculation.

You can add steps to or delete steps from Calculation Memory. Note that if the number of steps in Calculation Memory exceeds 150, you will not be able to review them later.

Answer Memory

* DJ-240D / DJ-220D only.

Recall a previous calculation result and use it in the next calculation!

Double Check

* DJ-240D / DJ-220D only.

Compare the results of two calculations!

Go to

Jump to a particular calculation step by pressing one single button.


Simple, easy operation


While reviewing a calculation, you can make changes in values and operators and re-execute to obtain a new result.

Double Check

Grand total (Excluding MJ-120D, MJ-100D)

Automatic totalization of the results of different calculations.

Localized Number Display

Supports local digit separator formats

Choose from four digit separator formats (Standard, European, Natural, and Indian) and choose a comma or period as the decimal point. Configure your preferred display format to prevent calculation errors and increase convenience.

Go to

Preselect two digit separator formats and switch between them according to the task.


To switch formats, just press the DISP key!

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