Privacy Policy

The corporate creed of CASIO MIDDLE EAST FZE (“CME”) as member of the group owned by CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. (“CASIO” and the “CASIO Group” is “Creativity and Contribution,” and we contribute to society through providing creative and superior products and services.)
CASIO recognizes that the secure and appropriate handling of the private information of all stakeholders involved in CASIO's business activities is an important social responsibility. CME has created the following "Personal Information Protection Policy" to explain to users of our web site who provide personal information with our policies that are designed to protect the privacy of such personal information while receiving, storing, processing and using such information in accordance with CME privacy policies, through which we seek to follow global standards of personal information protection.

  1. Personal Information Protection Management System
    CASIO has established, implemented and maintains a personal information protection management system for the secure and appropriate protection of personal information. CASIO also makes use of opportunities such as audits or reviews by the management to continually improve this personal information protection management system with a view to protecting the data of all users and stakeholders of CME and the CASIO Group.
  2. Handling of Personal Information
    CME follows the CASIO management system for the appropriate protection of personal information compliant with the international best practices, taking into account the nature and scope of work in each department. CME CASIO also acquires uses and provides personal information appropriately. In addition, CASIO does not handle personal information outside the scope of its intended use, and has the necessary measures in place to ensure this.
  3. Implementation of Security Measures
    CASIO takes appropriate information security measures to ensure the security and accuracy of personal information, such as safety measures, measures to prevent leakage, loss or damage, etc., as well as taking corrective measures when such necessary correction measures are identified.
  4. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Other Standards
    CME and CASIO complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and other standards applicable to personal information when handling personal information relevant to where we do business.
  5. Respect For the Rights of Individuals
    CME respects the rights of the individual in relation to their personal information. Where reasonable, CME will comply with requests from individuals for the disclosure of their own data, the modification, addition or deletion of the contents thereof, or requests to stop the use thereof, to erase the data, or to stop the provision thereof to third parties, through a centralized system within the CASIO Group.
  6. Response to Queries and Complaints
    CASIO has established systems and procedures to receive and respond to queries and complaints regarding the personal information it holds, and responds promptly to such queries and complaints which CME follows the CASIO system on same.

First Enacted: December 15, 2014

Tsuneo Nagai, Managing Director

Applicable Scope

This guide defines the handling of the personal information of customers and users by CME.

Provision of Personal Information

  • By providing private information and personal data to CME, you voluntarily entrust such information to CME and consent that it may be processed, stored and used by CME and the CASIO Group in order to fulfill reasonable tasks related to CME’s business operations.
  • Individuals may contact CME to request the disclosure, modification, addition, deletion, or cessation of use regarding such private information through a request system that is centralized with CASIO. CME will seek to cooperate with and accommodate all such requests.
  • Personal data registered on membership websites and the like may be checked, modified, etc., by the individual in some cases. Check the site on which personal information was registered for further information.
  • Users may contact the CASIO Personal Information Protection Help Desk for regarding CME matters at any time at the centralized CASIO contact shown below.

Intended Use of Personal Information

CASIO uses the personal information of its customers and others for business purposes, particularly for its products, which include watches, clocks, electronic dictionaries, calculators, electronic office equipment, electronic musical instruments, digital cameras, hand-held terminals, electronic cash registers, office computers, printers, projectors, molds, etc.

Non-Disclosure to Third Parties

CME does not provide the personal information it holds to third parties except where any of the following applies, and by providing information to CME you consent to these disclosures.

  • Where the consent of the individual has been obtained.
  • Where pursuant to laws and regulations
  • Where required for the protection of human life, health, or property, and obtaining the consent of the individual would be difficult
  • Where there is a particular need for the improvement of public health or to promote the healthy development of children, and obtaining the consent of the individual would be difficult
  • Where cooperation with any government or public agency or contractor thereof is required with respect to the performance of work, and obtaining the consent of the individual may hinder the performance of this work
  • Where the handling of personal information is outsourced to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  • Where personal information is provided in conjunction with a merger, assignment, transfer, or succession of business
  • Where the data has been processed in a manner which makes it impossible to identify a specific individual, such as in the form of statistical data

CASIO group companies are not included in the definition of "third party".

Joint Use of Personal Information

CME may jointly use the personal information provided by customers, etc. in the performance of business activities with CASIO group companies. When deemed necessary in such cases, data such as name, affiliation information such as workplace, job title, address, telephone number, fax number, email address and purchase history, etc., may be provided to CASIO group companies. CME will be responsible for the managing and processing of such data.

Handling of Personal Information on Websites

Customers using CASIO websites may take advantage of most services without disclosing any personal information. Customer personal information is not collected if only accessing CASIO websites. However, be advised that certain services may not be available if personal information is not provided by the customer.
Be advised that CASIO cannot be held responsible for ensuring the security of personal information on external websites linked to from CASIO websites.
In the event that a customer inputs personal information on CASIO websites, it is assumed that said customer agrees to the "Protection of Personal Information" notice within this guide. Be advised that customers who do not agree to the contents of this guide may not be able to use the services provided (including responses to inquiries, etc.).

*Use of cookies
Some services offered by CASIO websites use "cookies". A "cookie" is used to provide services to the customer and identifies the computer being used by the customer; however it cannot be used to identify the actual customer unless the customer inputs personal information on the website. Information about a specific customer obtained through a "cookie" is used solely for the purpose of making CASIO Group websites more convenient for users. There is no danger of personal information being leaked to other websites through any "cookie" used when using CASIO websites, including the CME website. Customers may disable "cookies" in browsers; however this may restrict the use of network services provided by CME.

Modifying Registered Data and Termination of Use

  • If a customer wishes to review, amend, etc., their own personal information as managed by CME, they can contact CASIO, and CASIO and CME shall seek to promptly comply where reasonable.
  • If the customer's own information as registered by the customer on some CASIO websites, such as membership websites, etc., pursuant to the method separately determined by CASIO, is modified, the customer's registered information will be deleted, after which re-registration takes place. In addition, be advised that in the event of such re-registration being delayed, there may be a period in which the customer is unable to receive information relating to the services provided by CASIO.
  • In cases such as those described below, where CASIO or CME can reasonably determine that use of a service and management of registered information should be stopped, then CASIO or CME may immediately and without prior notice revoke the right of the customer to use the service.
    — Where the customer registration is in violation of this guide or the regulations of the site in question
    — Where the service is not used for a long period of time
    — Where there are problems notifying or contacting the customer for an extended period of time
  • In the event that the customer's use of the service is terminated, or their right to use the service is revoked pursuant to the preceding paragraph, CASIO or CME may delete the registered information of that customer from CASIO databases, etc. In addition, as long as the customer has not requested the deletion of the registered information pursuant to the procedures separately determined by CASIO and CME, CASIO and CME are not obliged to delete the registered information of that customer from CASIO databases, etc.


  1. This guide is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates.
  2. This guide may be amended by CME without notice.
  3. This guide shall be applied from the date of enactment or amendment stated on the website.
  4. Where separate regulations regarding the protection of personal information are prescribed when collecting personal information, and the consent of the customer has been obtained for such regulations, the provisions of said regulations, etc., shall take precedence over this guide. This guide does not seek to create any legal or contractual obligation to comply with standards higher than those set by applicable law.
  5. Where circumstances not defined in this guide, or doubts regarding these regulations, arise such matters shall be resolved upon consultation in good faith between the customer and CME. In the event that said matters cannot be resolved through consultation and mediation, the Dubai Courts of the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for such formal disputes.