March 1, 2020

Casio India Co., Pvt. Ltd. has released " GG-1000WLP", a collaboration model with "Wildlife Promising".

Under the theme of "Love the Sea and The Earth," "G-SHOCK" have created collaborative models with various environmental groups since the latter half of 1990, and have supported the groups. The collaboration with "WILDLIFE PROMISING" is aimed at creating a better living environment for "wild animals and humans". Conservation and conservation of wild leopards living in Africa based on academic research such as ecological research and conservation. It is a certified NPO corporation that is engaged in activities. This time, we wanted to make more people aware of the activity, sympathizing with the activity philosophy of the organization, and planned a joint production.

"GG-1000WLP" introduced this time has a design with the motif of leopard, wild animal living in Africa. The back cover is engraved with the theme "Love the Sea and The Earth".

Under the theme of "Love the Sea and The Earth", "G-SHOCK" will continue to produce collaborative models with various environmental groups and continue to support them.

About Casio India

Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. (CIC) has been operating in India since 1996 and has established the distribution channel as well as the brand for most of its products. Casio Computer Co. Ltd, Japan, the parent company of CIC is engaged into manufacturing and marketing of various consumer products throughout the world.
Casio India's range of products include sales and marketing of Handheld Calculators, Desktop Calculators, Scientific Calculators, Printing Calculators, Label Printers, Laser-LED based green Projectors, Wrist Watches, Clocks and EMI (Electronic Musical Instruments). The company has also established service centres across the country to provide after-sales-services. Today, Casio is known for its reliable product quality and exemplary innovations and is one of the world's most recognized brands due to its vast product range.