2nd Edition of Casio MS Series Scientific Non- Programmable Calculators

August 7, 2019

New Delhi, August 07, 2019: Casio, the brand known for “Creativity and contribution”, has been a constant companion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics students with its range of scientific calculators which are a widely popular among students and teachers. Casio has brought freshness to its MS series of scientific non-programmable calculators by introducing the 2nd edition of Casio fx-82MS, fx-100MS, fx-350MS and fx-991MS. The 2nd edition for MS series has same functions and new design.

The advanced design in the calculators perfectly resonates with the personality of the youth, while also providing the best forms of support to students, making their studies easier and quicker. Key highlights of the MS series 2nd edition are as follows:

1. Same function as the previous MS series.
2. Sleek Design with curved edges which makes it compact and easy to carry.
3. Drop resistant body with water Resistant printing on Keys.
4. Web Authenticity check system.
5. Slide-On case that can fit from either of the direction.
6. AAA size battery* (fx-82MS-2nd Edition & fx-100Ms-2nd edition)

The calculators are priced at:

• Casio fx-82MS 2nd Edition - INR 475
• Casio fx-100MS 2nd Edition - INR 725
• Casio fx-350MS 2nd Edition - INR 500
• Casio fx-991MS 2nd Edition - INR 900

Since the set of functions in the 2nd edition of MS series is same as the previous series, students won’t face any trouble from the examiners in terms of using the new models.