Casio Launches Heritage Casiotone Series as Smart Keyboards

November 14, 2019

New Delhi, 14th November 2019: Casio India is delighted to announce the release of the Casiotone CT-S Series in India. Designed to be a revolutionary game-changer and further expand the market by attracting a new set of users.

Approaching the 40th anniversary of our iconic Casiotone series, Casio originally leveraged their digital technology in January of 1980 to release the first digital keyboard – Casiotone 201, a digital keyboard that could replicate the tones of a variety of instruments. The CT- 201 was the first in a long run of innovative releases for Casio, & they have since then developed a variety of products, which have enabled more people to enjoy the beauty of music, as conveniently as possible.

The release of Casiotone honors a special moment in our history as the early pioneers of electronic keyboards. The NEW range continues that spirit of innovation, enabling a fresh generation to enjoy this classic instrument, re-imagined with today’s technological advancements.

"We are excited to introduce the newest evolution of the Casiotone series to a new generation of music lovers," said Kulbhushan Seth, Vice President of Casio India Co. Pvt Ltd. "After almost four decades of successfully delivering musical products made with cutting-edge technology and musical artistry that create authentic piano sound quality, we couldn't be happier to continue to bring music into the lives of enthusiasts of all ages. We have made the keyboards smarter by introduced an updated Chordana Play app which will take music learning to the next level."

This series has ground-breaking features never before seen in any other keyboard.

• Portability is taken to the next level with a sleek, lightweight design which is 30% less in volume as compared to existing keyboards along with an ergonomic Handle Grip and a battery backup of more than 13 hours that can make music anywhere & anytime.
• The looks & style of the keyboards are unmatched. Featuring a slim design and availability in Bold colors like Red, White & Black makes this the ultimate stylish accessory.
• Easiest Operation guarantees that it will take only a couple of minutes to start playing the keyboard once out of the box.
• Updated Chordana Play app connectivity which makes self-learning for the DIY Generation possible. With the app’s Game-like interface, learning music was never easier.
• The new speakers also feature stronger magnets and a function that optimizes equalization in tandem with volume.

The three models in the series are CT-S100, CT-S200, CT-S300. Casio India is also introducing a unique & stylish carry bag for each of these new models.