• 61 note, touch response, piano-style keys
  • 200 built-in tones
  • 48 Maximum Polyphony

Product Code: KS36
61 keys
Maximum Polyphony 48
10 Tunes
10 Tunes
Lesson Function
Lesson Function


Simple, Easy Operation

This keyboard features colored buttons that facilitate instruction from teacher to students and make possible smooth, easy-to-understand lessons.

Simple, Easy Operation

The POWER button is red.
RHYTHM button are green.
It’s easy to select from four musical genres. The keyboard automatically arranges preludes and interludes.
REGISTRATION button are blue.
Use registration memory to save and easily recall keyboard setups (tone, rhythm, etc.).
TONE button are purple.
Select piano, organ, brass, and other tones at the touch of a button.

Improved sound quality and keyboard feel

AHL Sound Source

High-quality sound source!

CASIO keyboards use the high-quality AHL sound source, which is pre-programmed with digital samples of actual musical instruments. Students can develop a keen ear for sound through the high-quality sound of fine acoustic instruments.

Piano-style keyboard

Rich expressive power!

Sound output changes according to the amount of pressure applied to the keys, just like a piano keyboard (Touch Response), making possible richly expressive performances. Furthermore, the piano-style fingerboard provides a realistic performance experience.

Tuning in hertz is possible!

The tuning feature specifies the frequency of the A note in hertz, a standard frequently used for tuning acoustic instruments. You can change the frequency in 0.1Hz steps.

200 built-in tones and 126 rhythms

200 built-in tones and 126 rhythms!

The keyboard has 200 built-in tones, including piano, horn, and stringed instrument tones, and an Auto Accompaniment function with a selection of 126

Specifications for music education

  • The Layer function is for mixing two types of tones, and the Split function is for splitting the keyboard into two sections: one for a main (high range) tone and one for a split (low range) tone.
  • Recorder is an easy-to-operate function for recording performances.
  • The keyboard has pre-recorded demo songs in various musical genres for music enjoyment and appreciation.
Support headphones
*Headphones not included

Supports headphones for individual practice

When students use multiple keyboards for individual practice in the same room, the use of headphones enables each student to concentrate without distraction.

Metronome feature for practice at the correct tempo

The keyboard has a metronome that produces various beats, including four-beat, three-beat, and two-beat meters. In addition to piano practice, this feature is useful for practice keeping time in a variety of musical situations, such as choruses and ensembles.
Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Tempo range: 30 to 255

Compact and lightweight

Compact and lightweight for portability and ease of storage!

The compact, lightweight keyboard is portable and easy to store. It can be powered by batteries for use anywhere and anytime.

Digital instruments are easy to maintain!

Digital instruments are ideal for educational settings. They require no periodic tuning, and since they are unaffected by temperature and humidity, they are easy to maintain.

Dust cover

Dust cover

The fitted dust cover protects your instrument from dust and dirt.