Dual Display calculators




The calculator with large and small
LCD displays for easier operation.


Press these keys to copy values from one display to the other for future reference.
There’s no need to jot down numbers on paper.

Dual Calculation

Press this key to jump between displays to perform two different calculations simultaneously.

Assistant Display Function

Use the two displays to view tax calculation, currency conversion, and cost/sell/margin calculation results.

What You Can Do with a Dual Display


Copy a value from the main display to the sub display for later reference. A copied value can be moved between the two displays.

Dual Calculation

Independent calculations can be performed simultaneously on the main display and sub display. The results on the two displays can then be compared.

Assistant Display Function

Tax Calculations

During tax calculations, the sub display shows the tax amount. (Example below shows calculation with a tax rate of 5%.)

Currency Conversion Calculations

The main display shows the conversion result, while the sub display shows the conversion rate. Two displays allow both values to be viewed simultaneously.

Cost/Sell/Margin Calculations

The result of a cost/sell/margin calculation is shown on the sub display. Two displays allow confirmation of both values.

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