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    G-SHOCK GA-2000 Replaceable bands


G-SHOCK GA-2000 Replaceable band
Cloth Band
Cloth Band
Cloth Band


This is a collection of replaceable bands that can be used with the new GA-2000 series of next-generation standard timepieces.
The four lineups of this band collection provide a choice from among various different materials and designs: resin, cloth, CORDURA®, camouflage, etc. The band of the GA-2000 series can be easily detached by operating a lever at its base. Use of this band replacement mechanism supports a new shock-resistant Carbon Core Guard structure that protects the internal module by encasing it in carbon fiber-embedded fine resin. Though light in weight, this type of material provides rigidity that is superior to that of resin alone. In addition, the dual structure of the watch's back cover makes the case itself shock resistant, which eliminates the need to affix the band to the case in a way that provides external protection against impact. The result is a tough, shock-resistant structure along with quick and simple band attachment and detachment.

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    • Cloth Band

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  • Total weight : 10g


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