V-R7000 / V-R7100

V-R7000 / V-R7100

A New Platform for Retail Innovation and PoS Transformation


A New Platform for Retail Innovation and PoS Transformation

A New Platform for Retail Innovation and PoS Transformation

Introducing the V-R7000 and V-R7100, retail business terminals equipped with 15.6-inch widescreen LCD. These terminals support a wide range of retail operations, from small shops to chain stores, and feature a stylish design suitable for installation in any location. Much more than simple cash registers, they are information terminals that innovate and transform retail management by delivering flexible scalability to expand the scope of retail businesses.

Easy-to-operate 15.6-inch widescreen LCD

15.6-inch widescreen LCD

The terminals are equipped with a highly legible 15.6-inch widescreen LCD touch panel. High resolution of 1366×768 pixels substantially increases the amount of information that can be displayed on a single screen, making it possible to design highly comprehensive menu screens.

Landscape & portrait display

The LCD display supports landscape and portrait layouts. This increases the number of lines that can be displayed on a single screen. Product lists, sales reports, journals and other information is easier to read and comprehend.

Design that compliments your store interior

These terminals fit in sophisticated shop interiors with stylish design. Careful attention has been given to the appearance of the back of the terminal, with a tidy and integral design being presented to the store customer.

Specifications that offer a variety of installation options

Specifications that offer a variety of installation options

Equipped with a widescreen display, these terminals still retain a slim form factor with minimal counter-top footprint.

Model equipped with wireless LAN

The product line includes a wireless LAN-compatible model compliant with IEEE802.11a/b/g/n (the V-R7100) that further increases freedom in installation. The elimination of network cables makes it easier to use the V-R7100 in pop-up retail stores, exhibition sites and other temporary locations.

Supports VESA standard mounting

Mounting hardware compatible with the VESA 100 x 100 standard provides several installation options, including desktop pole mounting, wall mounting, and placement on vertical stands. This allows effective use of counter space without limitingoperability.

*VESA is a trademark of the Video Electronics Standards Association.

Expansion interface box (option)

Interface expansion box

The terminals come with standard interfaces for connecting printers, cash drawers, and other peripheral devices. An optional expansion interface box is available for adding peripheral equipment according to store type or size.

Highly reliable hardware performance

The terminals offer hardware performance that makes possible stable operation for long periods of time to meet the requirements of a variety of retail environments. Superior reliability supports daily 24/7 shop operation.

IP53-compliant environmental durability

IP53-compliant environmental durability

The terminals have an IP53 rating for water resistance and dust resistance*. The touch panel screen can be operated even with wet hands and is suitable for use at restaurants and other businesses where water is used.

* Falling rain at an angle up to 60 degrees from vertical shall have no harmful effect.


Maintenance-saving and power-saving design that contributes to low-cost operation
A Fanless, HDD-free design that eliminates moving parts reduces maintenance cost by ensuring long-term stable operation. Power consumption during operation has been reduced by about 56% to approximately 22 watts, and standby power has been reduced to approximately 18 watts. The terminals provides greater power saving than ordinary PC PoS systems, contributing to running cost reduction.

*In comparison with the CASIO BT-9100


Secure specifications that minimize the impact of power outages

The terminals ensure uninterrupted store operation day after day. They are equipped with an internal battery to prevent data loss without an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) even if a power outage occurs. After power has been restored, a terminal is restored to its previous state, and work can be resumed immediately.

Shop support system (option)

Shop support system

An optional retail sales management for recording and totaling sales data is available. Multiple menus and buttons can be arranged on the widescreen display to provide a faster checkout process. On-screen display of sales by product and other information, on/off numerical keypad display, and other features are useful in sales and merchandise management at restaurants, shops, and other retail businesses.


Business information adds value to future planning decisions

Support panel display examples
Support panel display examples

The right-hand side of the widescreen touch panel can be used to display business information.This detailed information has added value to help business planning; sales data, stock reports, employee attendance records, customer information, shop performance data and messages from other stores and possibly a Head Office.

*Screenshots are simulated.

A flexible scalable solution that grows with your business

This Point of Sale business solution can be adapted to the styles and activities of individual retail operations. Applications for multi-store management and services using the internet are available. This solution grows with your business, with more users and terminals easily configured and added to your growing business network.

Retail store tools that assist multi-store management (option)

A variety of tools useful for strengthening coordination between headquarters and individual store are available.

Multi-store management support tool
This tool is used to collect and deliver sales and other data between headquarters and individual store terminals. The status of shop operations can be ascertained in real time.
Cash register configuration tool
This tool makes it possible to prepare and change product registration or menu settings on V-R7000 or V-R7100 terminals from a PC at headquarters.
Electronic journal tool
Use this tool to view, search, and print from a PC electronic journals prepared for each cash register.

Applications development tool

The Android™ platform supports user applications development. A software development kit is available to provide an original applications development environment tailored to the user’s specific business practices or business lines.

*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.




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