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Innovative cash registers with color multi-line LCD screen for easy to operate and quick operation.


QVGA Color LCD with multi-lines 40 characters x 14 lines with back light and contrast control.

Highlighted Features


Color pattern (1)

Color pattern (2)

Color pattern (3)

Color display patterns can becustomized with your choice.
Selectable 3 different default colorpatterns or free color letter / frame design

Operator display with tilt mechanism

Operator display unit can be tilted to the optimum reading angle.


Receipt sample for graphic logo,
water mark graphic logo,
double height character

Fast Silent Printer

58mm thermal receipt and journal printer with fast printing lines

Auto cutter for receipt printer

Drop-in paper loading mechanism for easy handling of paper roll

Graphic logo and Watermark logo offers rich image to your customer

Drop-in paper loading mechanism

Multipurpose key layout

Multipurpose keys are located on the keyboard with pre-assigned functions.
These keys are possible to customize of its functionality as well as slide-in template to identify each functions.

CF card Interface

CF(Compact Flash card) interface is equipped as standard for data back up and restore.

Com ports

Four serial ports

Com 1: PC direct / Modem communication

Com 2: Scanner, remote printer and slip printer

Com 3: Remote display, remote printer or slip printer

Com 4: Remote printer or slip printer

In-line ports

Selectable CASIO In-line cable or CAT5 cable.The TE-7000S and TE-8000F Inline added capability to use LAN cable "CAT5" make it easy and simple wiring since "CAT5"(category5) cable is widely used for these days.

Arcnet with CASIO Inline cable

Arcnet with CAT5 cable with In-line terminator on/off switch

Dallas key

Optional device for the operator identification.

Customer display

Pop up customer display with 10 digits numeric LED.

Optional customer display with 2 lines x 20 alpha numeric display.

Selection of Models

TE-8000F:Color LCD with stroke / flat keyboard