Barton Glass

October 24, 2017

Summary of the Reference

  • Distributor : ASP MICROCOMPUTERS
  • Customer : Barton Glass
  • Location : AUSTRALIA
  • Product : DT-X200-10E
  • Application : Inventory management and Goods In/Out operations

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Barton Glass was founded in Victoria, Australia in 1999 and has provided glass products and services to the construction and building industries nationwide in Australia. Now Barton Glass is one of the major glass product suppliers in Australia, and manufacture a comprehensive range of glass products, from float to laminated and toughened safety glass, high performance and energy efficient glass and special make up laminated glass, to suit the diverse needs of the market.

Barton Glass has made their reputation by offering commitment to customer service including fast order handling and efficient delivery services. Barton Glass is providing the highest level of products and services to their clients as well as complying with stringent Australian standards.


The reason behind introducing new Handheld

Fast order processing and delivery have been vitally important for Barton Glass and a barcode system was introduced for handling materials, products in process, finished products and delivery service by Barton Glass.

Barcodes are attached on panes of glass products to identify each order. Scanning the barcode takes place at each production process but there was no correlation between the purchase order and trolley which carries both glasses in process and finished goods.

Therefore tracking and tracing the purchase order became very difficult when one purchase order should be split into several types of products involving different production processes and using several trollies. For this reason, Barton Glass needed to improve the process of handling trollies, glass materials and finished products.

Finally top management made a decision to install a new tracking system to solve the problems in the production and delivery process, and Casio DT-X200 rugged terminals were chosen.


The Benefits for Customer

Barton Glass chose Casio DT-X200 for the following reasons and currently uses the new handhelds for their production, inventory and Goods In/Out operations.

  • Ultra Rugged Hardware design with 3.0 meters drop test and IP67 dust and water ingression standard
  • Ergonomic Hardware with Human-centered design
  • Quick and Reliable Scanning Quality to read the barcode even through five panes of glass

By rolling out the new production system using Casio DT-X200, Barton Glass could realize the following benefits of their daily operations.

  • Eliminate late delivery
  • Reduce waste materials and finished glass products in the production line
  • “Cost-Effectiveness” both in production and management

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