August 29, 2015

Summary of the story

  • Distributor : MYCOM SYSTEMS, UAE
  • Customer : AL ISLAMI FOODS CO.
  • Location : Dubai, UAE
  • Product : IT-9000-GC25E and IT-800RC-35
  • Application : Route Sales and Delivery Operations

User’s profile

Al Islami Foods Co. started in 1981 with an aim to meet an increasing market-wide demand for high quality Real Haral foods. Since then, Al Islami Foods has been progressing in expertise and experience to uphold this commitment to ensure 100 % Real Haral quality in all products and in every aspect of their food production and business.

Now Al Islami Foods caters to the needs of millions of consumers for Real Haral foods not only in Gulf countries but also whole Middle East, and Russia and CIS countries. Al Islami Foods uses the most advanced food production and processing technologies that are healthy and nutritious while following Islamic standards and putting consumers’ needs.

Al Islami Foods understands that the real meaning of Haral food is not limited to the way animals are slaughtered according to Islamic Sharia but goes beyond in terms of quality and hygienic monitoring. From production to shipping, and ensuring quality control to establishing the highest standards, Al Islami Foods upholds commitment to 100% Haral in quality, taste and wellness.

The reason behind introducing new IT system

Al Islami Foods looked for very rugged handheld with reasonable cost and Casio IT-9000 and IT-800 satisfied their demand. However the most important point that Al Islami Foods choose Casio Handhelds was that Casio IT-9000 and IT-800 could fully satisfy and link to their Route Sales Applications from following viewpoints.

  1. Captures and stores all business transactions in Route sales and Delivery operations including Sales orders, Cash collections, Returns etc.
  2. Issues and provides Invoice and Cargo receipt for the customers
  3. Fully integrated with their ERP System ( SAP R/3 ) with Online Real time Data synchronization

Applications which can be directly linked to SAP R/3 ERP System

The merits for Customer

Before implementing new Route Sales Applications with using IT-9000 and IT-800 handhelds, the overall operations were done by “Manual” work from issuing sales invoices to punching data into SAP R/3 ERP system. Al Islami Foods was obliged to allocate many man-power for those manual work and the productivity in Sales Department became low in negative way.

By rolling out new Route Sales system, however Al Islami Foods could solve all previous issues and their business process was totally improved and their project goal was accomplished from following indexes.

  • Increase Sales Volume
  • On-line Real time Data communication and synchronization between ERP and Handheld
  • Automate Printing Invoice, Cargo receipt and Picking sheet
  • Eliminate careless mistakes in order entry
  • Reduce “Manual” work in Sales Department and Concentrate on more High productivity work

Mr. Syed Jawad Hussain IT Engineer told “As everyone knows, Casio is one of the leaders in providing Handheld devices with excellent hardware as well as user friendly APIs for application software development. We choose Casio products because of good reputation in Handheld market, very rugged hardware and economical pricing. We are totally satisfied with Casio products.”

Product / Utilization

IT-800 Series