June 24, 2016

Summary of the story

  • Sales : Casio Domestic Sales Division
  • Customer : MARUWA Unyu Kikan Co., Ltd.
  • Location : Saitama, Japan
  • Product : IT-G500
  • Application : Transportation and Logistics

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MARUWA opened a new Shizuoka Food Delivery center in July, 2014 as the logistics base for Supermarkets in Shizuoka area. This delivery center is situated in very good location approximate 2km away from Shimada-Kanaya Interchange of New Tomei Highway.

MARUWA targets Transport and Logistics for Food distribution mainly for Supermarkets as most important business criteria. Focusing on very high growth rate in Supermarkets, MARUWA targets local supermarkets which mainly supply fresh foods for local customers.

Mr. Ominato General Manager of 3PL Operation HQ told “ There are still active local supermarkets and those local supermarkets are and will be supported by local people. Then we would like to support such active supermarkets, by closely providing local foods day by day. ”

As well as 3PL operations, MARUWA provides management support services called “ AZ-COM 7PL, which includes reduction of sales administration cost. They also support opening Food Service Delivery center with a supermarket. Mr. Ominato streeses that MARUWA can contribute not only for total Logistics cost reduction but also for new business development for our customers. ”

In the Logistics center, Handheld Terminal plays an important role. Mr. Ominato explains that using Auto ID tools is inevitable to have much skilled labors and increase our productivity. Mr. Ominato adds that investing for Auto ID and Handheld Terminals is more cost-effective for MARUWA than large capital investment, considering that business size of local supermarkets is around USD0.3 to 1.0 billi

The reason behind the adoption of new IT System

CASIO IT-G500 Handheld Terminal is now used in the delivery center. IT-G500 is used for Cargo receipt and Goods In for product registration to WMS by checking ITF barcodes of outer cases. Most important function is auto capturing of Food Expiration date with OCR reading in IT-G500’s C-MOS Camera. All expiration dates of all products are checked in the Delivery center. After checking expiration date, Goods-In operation is completed with printing Goods-In label including Location, Date, Product Name, JAN/ITF code, number of the carton box and expiration date.

MARUWA has used CASIO DT-X7 Handheld before and decided to replace by new IT-G500 handheld. 4.3 inch large size display and touch screen panel are preferred by MARUWA but most important point was using OCR function for food expiration date control, as food quality control is one of most concerned subjects among Japanese consumers and MARUWA set top priority on this subject.

At the same time, IT-G500 is also used for picking delivered items. Operator picks ordered items up according to Order Pickling List and Location instruction per product. Expiration date is also automatically checked for each ordered item.

REMARK : IT-G500 Japanese Domestic model has some original functions different from Overseas models.

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