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Customer Consultant

Product information

Provide product information to customers with information such as product explanations and coordinating ideas. This makes possible to provide accurate and to-the-point explanation to customers.

Product information - Support Models

Stock enquiries

Scan product codes and display inventory lists such as own-store stock, other store stock, delivery centre stock, and stock by size. This makes possible to reduce the time customers wait for stock information and improves customer service.

Stock enquiries - Support Models

Price look-up

Immediately respond to customer price inquires by obtaining price information from a product master. When negotiating discounts, display price information for each product rank on a handheld terminal screen. This makes possible on-site confirmation of selling prices instead of confirmation on a POS system and quick responses to customer questions. Increase efficiency by reducing the time required to wait on customers and prevent excessive discounting by enabling information-based discounting.

Price look-up - Support Models

Delivery booking

Arrange product delivery schedules in front of customer while viewing availability information on a handheld terminal screen.
By computerising on-site, reduce paperwork in the stockroom. Realize real-time vehicle dispatch control at the distribution centre.

Delivery booking - Support Models

Customer management

Receive customer purchase history, purchase preferences, and size information by scanning barcode on members card. This enables to provide effective customer information. Chain stores can provide a high level of customer service no matter what store a customer visits by sharing member information among stores.

Customer management - Support Models

Price quotes

Helping customers, input their desired products with the sales assistant. Instantly provide price quotes at the service counter. Create competitive price quotes by attaching product photos taken with a built-in camera.
This increases efficiency in waiting on customers by enabling confirmation of previous price quotes and other details of past customer service history. Increase repeat store visits by providing price quotes with attached photos.

Price quotes - Support Models