IT-G600 650 Series

IT-G600 650 Series

Functionality, operability, and reliability
All at flagship-level quality

  • Models are scheduled for staggered releases beginning in Q2, 2020.


Body designed for superb usability and readability

Ergonomic shape for excellent operability

The rounded body with anti-slip processing on the back makes it easy for users to hold the terminal. This has been accomplished via a thorough design process grounded in ergonomics.

Large touch panel LCD

The terminals are equipped with large, high-resolution LCD screens that are well-suited to displaying lists of information. The capacitive touch panel allows users to operate the devices even while wearing work gloves.

IT-G600: 4.7-inch screen
IT-G650: 5.5-inch screen

Body designed for superb usability and readability

Rugged design

The use of a three-layer construction and reinforced glass to reduce the impact of shocks makes the terminals resistant to damage from drops, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

IT-G600: 1.8 m
IT-G650: 1.5 m

Hardware keys

The protruding, domed shapes of the keys combine with the key layout to make it easy for users to distinguish among different keys. This design allows users to accurately enter data and operate the devices, even while they are wearing gloves.

IT-G600: 10-key keypad
IT-G650: Function keys

Advanced functions to support more efficient operations

Android™ 9 platform

The terminals run the Android™ 9 operating system, which grants users access to many different Google services and Android OS business apps.

Qualcomm SDM660 processor

The 2.2 GHz octa-core CPU enables quick processing. And with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, the terminals are capable of performing a diverse range of operations.

Environmental durability

The devices feature dust and water resistance that complies with IP67 standards, and can be used in temperature environments ranging from -20°C to 50°C. This allows users to work with the devices in a variety of different locations.


The terminals support operation and maintenance through a diverse set of tools, including kitting tools and wireless LAN bar code settings.

NFC reader/writer

The NFC reader/writer is useful for scanning RFID tags and for providing login security through IC card authentication.

Built-in C-MOS imager

The terminal houses the latest generation of C-MOS imager that supports 1D/2D scanning at high speeds, and offers excellent performance even under suboptimal scanning conditions.

13-megapixel camera

The camera features auto-focus and an LED light, and is useful for both on-site reporting and other situations that involve sharing information through still images or video.

Support for various functions

LTE communication (WAN model only)

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth® v5.0, EDR/LE


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