IT-G400 Series

Hybrid Android™ Handheld Terminal
A fusion of style, toughness and battery life
Android™ & Toughness


Android™ 6.0, a C-MOS imager and toughness combined in a single device

The IT-G400 handheld terminal uses the Android™ 6.0 platform.
It combines advanced technology and usability with toughness and a scanner function.


Power-saving design for extended operation

The IT-G400 series is suited to applications requiring use for long periods of time. A large-capacity 5800 mAh battery that comes standard on some models* provides powerful battery life, and the battery is exchangeable.

  • Equipped models: IT-G400-C21L/WC21L. The large-capacity battery (5800 mAh) is available as an option for the IT-G400-C21M/WC21M.

C-MOS imager for 1D and 2D code reading

The IT-G400 is equipped to read a wide variety of 1D and 2D code symbologies. Use of the latest module and decoder improves performance on hard-to-read codes, increases depth of field, and increases hand jitter tolerance.

Scanning of hard-to-read codes

Improved module and decoder performance has increased accuracy in reading hard-to-read codes, such as lightly printed, faded, blurred, or soiled images.

Light print or fading

A rugged body capable of withstanding a drop from 1.5 meters and compliant with IP67*

The IT-G400 is equipped with a special scratch-resistant and crack-resistant glass, has a shock-resistant structure that provides durability to withstand a drop from 1.5 meters, and provides IP67 dust and water protection. It is suitable for use in demanding environments, including outdoors in the rain and dusty warehouses.

  • No ingress of dust. No ingress of water even if temporarily immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure when all covers for connectors, etc. are closed. Dust and water resistance are measured using CASIO’s testing method. Performance deteriorates due to aging and drop impact and is not guaranteed.
Waterproof test

-20°C to 50°C* operating temperature range

The IT-G400 is designed for reliable operation in a variety of usage environments ranging from warehouses in sub-zero temperatures to places under the blazing sun.

  • The camera flash operating temperature range is -10°C to 50°C.

LTE communication capability* and GPS function

The IT-G400 is an industrial business support device suitable for wide-ranging applications. Some models feature LTE communication capability for high-speed data communication and a voice communication function that provide the functionality required for outdoor work and a GPS function capable of acquiring position information.

  • Equipped models: IT-G400-WC21L/WC21M

Large, easy-to-view screen

The IT-G400 is equipped with a large 5-inch LCD touchscreen and supports screen rotation for switching between portrait mode and landscape mode. In addition, highly legible, easy-to-operate business applications support efficient business operation.

Convenient hardware keys

Hardware keys ensure smooth operation even if software keys are hidden when the screen is enlarged.


Equipped with Android™ 6.0

The IT-G400 is equipped with the Android™ 6.0 operating system and a 1.2 GHz Quad Core CPU that delivers high-speed processing and come with a generous 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash ROM. It has ample memory to store user applications and other resources and are suited to a variety of operating requirements.

Compatible with Google Mobile Services

The IT-G400 provides access to convenient Google apps, including Google Play and Google Maps. Gmail, Google Drive (a virtual drive), and Chrome (a browser), services already introduced by many companies, are also available.

Supports business applications for the Android™ OS

The IT-G400 supports a variety of business applications and cloud systems developed for Android™, such as apps for communication, receiving and shipping management, purchase ordering, and voice recognition. Applications can be rapidly deployed.

  • Not all applications are guaranteed to run.

SAM slot* and built-in NFC reader/writer

The IT-G400 is equipped with a smart card reader/writer that supports NFC. They can read various types of information from contactless smart cards, a capability that expands the scope of application to areas such as customer service enhancement using membership cards and security enhancement via card authentication. A SAM (Secure Access Module) slot comes as a standard feature as well. Installing a SAM card enables use for applications that require a higher level of security, such as preventing unauthorized use of smart cards.

  • Planned for January 2018

Mobile device management

The IT-G400 supports MobiControl®, a mobile device management (MDM) tool widely used worldwide. It comes with a function independently developed by CASIO for completing everything from Wi-Fi settings to device registration by reading QR codes. Available only in the IT-G400, this function greatly reduces the time and effort of kitting and simplifies device management, operation, and maintenance. Furthermore, it supports security measures against malware and other threats. This versatile feature provides support for all aspects of business mobility.

MobiControl Stage comes pre-installed*
  • An installer icon is bundled as a standard feature, eliminating the need for agent application installers
  • MobiControl Stage enables downloading of the latest device agents.
  • Equipped with a simple function available only in the IT-G400 that makes it possible to perform everything from device initialization to maintenance by reading QR codes
  • Planned for January 2018

A library of tools that support efficient operation

A lineup of unique tools from CASIO invaluable for trouble-free device management and operation


A software trigger key for scanning is displayed on the screen. The key can be placed in the desired position and is always displayed in the foreground for improved scanning operability.

  • These programs are sample program. Therefore, please check enough by yourself and use it.


For business applications that require no keyboard input, the software input panel can be hidden to enable efficient scanning input using a wide screen.

  • These programs are sample program. Therefore, please check enough by yourself and use it.


The power launcher locks the display other than the home screen and prevents the display of the settings screen, which is unnecessary for operation. It is useful for security measures such as preventing information leakage.



A microSD card containing settings files and applications can be used for kitting multiple terminals. This makes it simple to install applications, configure individual settings, and hide apps or other content.


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