IT-300 Series

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The IT-300 compact communication terminal accelerates communication in multiple business environments. The IT-300 changes the style of workforce communication and co-operation.


This compact communication terminal, IT-300, is an industrial personal digital assistant (PDA) designed to enable businesses to create a new working style by providing PDAs to all employees.
The IT-300 has a slim, flat form factor ideal for retail and other similar environments and delivers excellent functionality as a communication tool for real-time information sharing. For example, it is the ideal tool for the management of every aspect of retail store operations, for serving customers, exchanging instructions among employees and performing stockroom operations.

Slim Styling and Intuitive Operation

Combined Multi Finger Action and Alphanumeric Keypad Input

The screen is a capacitive touch panel that supports multi finger action input, an intuitive, stylus-free method of operation that eliminates user stress. For number and text input, the IT-300 has a keypad similar to those on familiar mobile phone keypads.

Human-Centered Design

The compact, lightweight device is suitable for carrying in a shirt or uniform pocket at all times. The housing has been developed using the ISO13407 Human-Centered Design process for maximum ease-of-use. For example, the rounded shape of the sides ensures stability and comfort in the palm.

3.7-Inch LCD with LED Backlight

The terminal is equipped with a 3.7-inch color Blanview® TFT LCD. The VGA, high-resolution (640 x 480 pixels) LCD provides high-quality images and excellent visibility in indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.
The use of LEDs as the source of backlight ensures low power consumption enabling the device to deliver longer hours of operation.

Toughness in Harsh Conditions

Environmental Durability including a Drop Resistance 1.5 Meters

The IT-300 has excellent impact-resistance to withstand drops from up to 1.5 meters. It meets dust/water splash-proof specifications to IP54 level (compliant with the IEC60529 standard) and operates at sub-zero temperatures down to -20°C . The device operates reliably in a variety of industrial environments and is suitable for outdoor and warehouse use.

Power-Saving Design to Deliver Longer Operating Hours

The IT-300 is powered by a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It has a low power consumption design and power management features such as wireless standby mode*1 and quick resume*2 that enable continuous and seamless operation. Employees can focus on serving customers and other tasks thus maximizing their productivity.

*1 A wireless LAN standby low-power state for operating only the functions needed to maintain a wireless LAN connection whilst shutting down the display and other devices.

*2 A feature for resuming normal operation from power-saving mode in response to a call from a wireless LAN. Since the LAN connection has been maintained, immediate availability of the LAN connection is possible.

A Host of Support Software to Enhance Information Sharing

Runs Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5

The Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system runs convenient applications for time and attendance management, content delivery, transmission and viewing of information. Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 supports an advanced, versatile Windows-based development environment that increases application development productivity and contributes to lower development and maintenance costs.

Supports a Wide Range of Client Software

The IT-300 includes Internet Explorer Embedded as the integrated Web browser and offers intuitive one-touch pan & zoom navigation. It supports Flashlight 3.0.1 video playback. The device is also suitable for product information display and includes remote desktop tools to connect with existing business systems.

Excellent Scanning Performance

High-Performance Laser Scanner

The integrated scanner can rapidly read barcodes and stacked codes.

Scan Width Control

This feature controls the laser beam width to prevent incorrect reading of adjacent barcodes.

Laser Focus Function

When multiple barcodes are scanned simultaneously, the scanned barcode is briefly highlighted with laser light to visually indicate to the user which barcode was decoded.

Vibrator Alert Function

In addition to the LED indicator and buzzer, a vibrator alert is also used to indicate a successful scan. This is useful for noisy environments or where there are several users in the same location.

Center Trigger Key

A trigger key in the most useful position allows comfortable one-hand scanning. This trigger key functions as an Enter key during ordinary input and as a Return key during text input.

Real-Time Operation

Support for WPA2 Security, Equipped with IEEE802.11b/g

The IT-300 has an integrated IEEE802.11b/g wireless LAN module and supports the WPA2 secure wireless communications protocol. It also supports VoIP software and 802.1x authentication (such as PEAP and EAP-TLS).

Equipped with Bluetooth® 2.0

Bluetooth® Ver. 2.0 (Class 2), for wireless connection with mobile printers and other devices, is integrated as a standard feature. Furthermore, the IT-300 terminals come with the Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) function for high-speed communication.

Note: The connected device must also support the EDR function.

Wireless Standby and Quick Resume

IT-300 terminals incorporate features that support efficient wireless LAN operation. These include wireless standby mode for maintaining a low-power wireless connection for fast access to a wireless LAN and quick resume for restoring communication from the terminal to the LAN within a few seconds when it returns from suspend mode.

IT-300 Series System Configuration

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