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Advanced Android™ 9 OS

The terminal offers the latest Android 9 OS to offer greater utility as a smart device. In addition, it uses the Qualcomm SDM450 1.8 GHz Octa-core SoC for high-speed processing These features allow the ET-L10 to support various types of operations.

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Features of Android™ 9

[ Adaptive Battery ]

The terminal automatically learns about its usage status, such as what apps are used, to optimize battery management.

Adaptive Battery
[ Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT ]

The terminal supports IEEE 802.11mc, which is also known as the Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT) standard, and is capable of measuring its position indoors.

Extra-large 5.7-inch screen

The terminal features an extra-large, 5.7-inch screen with a high-resolution LCD (720 x 1440 pixels). Through the use of a vertical 18:9 screen aspect ratio, the ET-L10 is both portable and easy to read. This screen layout offers an improved presentation of information during stocking, inspections, and inventory searches.

5.7-inch screen

Built-in C-MOS imager

The terminal houses a high-performance C-MOS imager and three trigger keys. It supports various 2D codes and bar codes, and is capable of high-precision scanning even under suboptimal conditions, such as when printed codes are unclear, scratched, or soiled.

C-MOS imager

Stylish but Rugged body design

At 15.5 mm thick and weighing 240 g, the ET-L10 has been smartly designed to be easy to carry at all times. And it’s tough enough to be used in a wide range of environments, with specifications such as a drop durability of 1.5 m, IP65 dust and water resistance, a usable temperature range of -10°C to 50°C, and chemical resistance (the device can withstand 75% rubbing alcohol).

body design

Support for various functions

GPS & LTE communications

GPS & LTE communications

The ET-L10 is capable of high-speed data communications and can obtain position data, allowing it to support a wide variety of applications, such as outdoor work.

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

The terminal supports five wireless LAN standards, making it easy to use even in environments that use several different communication methods.

Bluetooth<sup>®</sup> v5.0, EDR/LE

Bluetooth® v5.0, EDR/LE

The ET-L10 can communicate wirelessly with devices such as headsets and portable printers.

>PTT key

PTT key

The terminal is equipped with a button for transceiver communications. This is convenient for when you want to communicate with all staff members at once.

13-megapixel camera

13-megapixel camera

The camera features auto-focus and LED flash, and is useful for applications such as on-site reporting and display checks.



A convenient LED light is available to aid work in dark locations, such as in hospitals. Adjust the luminosity so that patients are not disturbed by bright light.

NFC reader/writer

NFC reader/writer

The NFC reader/writer is useful for IC card authentication (offering stronger login security) and for RFID tags.

Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor

Use the ET-L10 for fingerprint authentication to prevent unauthorized use by third parties.


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