DT-X400 Series

DT-X400 Series

Superior quality you can feel.

A unique design for an easy grip.

  • Released sequentially since November, 2018.


Advanced and Evolved Usability.

A next-generation grip-type Handheld Terminal running the Android™ operating system.

Hold, aim, and scan. A body shape optimized for comfort and accurate operations.


The center trigger key and cursor keys are separated to reduce accidental inputs. Operability is improved by having all of the most frequently used keys arranged just below the display.


The shape of the unit is curved along both the vertical and horizontal axes, allowing users to easily aim the device at codes to be scanned and to smoothly move their fingers.


Domed keys make it easier to distinguish individual keys. The design enables reliable key input, even when wearing gloves.


The 3.2-inch, high-resolution touchscreen LCD offers superb visibility. The device has a resistive touch panel, which allows users to perform operations even when wearing gloves.


Trigger keys are positioned in the center, on the sides, and on the back. This enables quick, reliable inputs, no matter how the device is held.


The length of the device is such that it can be fully gripped with all fingers, and the thickness of the device offers a good fit for even small hands. The weight is balanced so that the user’s wrist or arm will not easily become tired.


The shape and non-slip texture on the back side offer a stable, secure grip for the fingers.

Pursuit of ease of scanning

Triggers are positioned in the center, on the sides, and even on the back of the device, making it possible to scan like a trigger grip. Moreover, the design incorporates a scan angle of 25°, which was determined by analyzing user operations. This angle allows users to scan at a natural viewing angle when performing work such as scanning 1D or 2D codes on shelves or picking up goods.

Pursuit of ease of scanning
Rear trigger key

Superb environmental durability

The use of a plastic touch panel and a shock-resistant frame construction give the device a drop durability of 3.0 m. The device furthermore exhibits dust and water resistance that is compliant with IP67, and can be operated in temperature conditions ranging from −20°C to 50°C. The device performs under a wide variety of usage conditions.

Superb environmental durability

Android™ 8.1 operating system

Android™ provides various services offered by Google. Using Android™ also allows users to access the many business applications and cloud services available for the operating system. In addition, the software to support installation and operations has also been enhanced. This includes tools to make settings easy to perform on multiple terminals, and to run only the application software that is necessary for business.

Superb environmental durability

Various functions to support easy operations

• Continuous operation of up to 30 hours*1 accommodates a full day’s work
• Compliant with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards, with WPA2 security
• Equipped with Bluetooth® module enables connections with devices such as headsets and portable printers
• Supports communication outdoors via LTE communications for voice and data*2
• Equipped with an NFC reader and writer*3 that is capable of recognizing RFID tags
• Built-in 8 megapixel digital camera for taking photos in situations such as documenting damaged goods*3

  • *1 JEITA G mode: a bar code is read twice every 10 seconds with 1 KB of data being transmitted once, the wireless LAN module is in power saving mode, the backlight is on, and data is transferred via FTP. Actual battery life might vary depending on the operating environment and system settings.
  • *2 Models with this functionality: DT-X400-WC21
  • *3 Models with this functionality: DT-X400-C21/WC21

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