Casio to Release Calculators in Vivid Neon Colors Expressing Individuality

Designed with Japanese Fashion Students Based on the Concept of “The Choice is YOURS”

July 9, 2021

The Choice is YOURS

Tokyo, July 9, 2021 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the upcoming release of its new MS-20UC calculators, which feature creative designs that express the diversity of contemporary values. Available in two color schemes, the MS-20UC calculators boast vivid fluorescent colors for users who want to boldly assert their individuality.

Casio created the new designs in collaboration with Cultural Lab., a lab of students from Bunka Fashion College, one of Japan’s best-known fashion schools. During the development process, the students’ diverse sensibilities shaped the product — from the concept, “The Choice is YOURS”, to the design of color, font, package, and other details.

The MS-20UC calculators express the theme of “Be Bold” with their vivid neon colors. Molded out of fluorescent resin, the entire body shows off with bold coloring. Moreover, a unique new typeface with a digital feel was designed for use on the keys to match the fluorescent color schemes. Even the package uses a subtle gradation to convey the power of embracing all kinds of diversity.

Up next, Casio plans to release more new themed models designed in collaboration with Cultural Lab.

Mini Desk Type
Neon Yellow
Neon Pink

About Cultural Lab.

Cultural Lab. is a project formed in 2018 under the leadership of Fashion Director Souta Yamaguchi. It aims to empower the students of Bunka Fashion College, one of Japan’s best-known fashion schools, to present the new culture of seeing, listening, touching, and wearing to as many people as possible, with the support of professional creators. Bunka Fashion College was approved as Japan’s first fashion college in 1923, and it placed second in the global ranking of the best fashion schools in 2015. Students from the college participate in the project alongside the supporting creators.

The MS-20UC calculators
Newly designed key
Original package

Main Specifications

Mini Desk Type
Minus symbol (-), constant (K), error (E), function command symbols, 3-digit comma markers, memory (M), percent (%), tax calculation (TAX+ / TAX-), time calculation symbol
Calculation Functions
The four basic calculation operations, tax calculation, constant calculation, profit margin percentage calculations, approximate calculation, time calculation, root calculation
12 digits
Independent memory, memory for tax rate
Life of Alkali Battery
Approximately 3 years on LR1130 (when used for one hour per day)
Auto Power Off
Auto power off in approximately 6 minutes
(H × W × D mm)
22.8 × 105 × 149.5
Approx. 110g (including alkali battery)