Toward a Sport and Wellness Society Casio and ASICS Launch Shared Value Business

Introducing personal coaching service for runners

January 27, 2021

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.(President Kazuhiro Kashio; hereafter, Casio) and ASICS (President and COO Yasuhito Hirota) announce the launch of Runmetrix, a personal coaching service for runners. Runmetrix will be the start of a value-sharing business between Casio and ASICS aiming to create a healthful and active society through sports. The new venture will focus on the effects of sports on the mind and health and will capitalize on Casio’s strength with developing wearable devices and its sensing technology knowhow, as well as on ASICS’ sports engineering expertise and data. Runmetrix will offer user experiences personalized for individual runners in the sports and health markets.

The first stage of the shared value business will be launching Runmetrix, a personal coaching service for runners. Tapping the strengths of each company, Runmetrix will offer personal coaching via a handset app and a motion sensor to match the goals and levels of individual runners, from beginner level through experienced runners. The service will begin from March 4 in Japan.
The two companies are considering establishing a joint company to more actively promote the concept.

The concept of healthful lifespans, of being able to live one’s life independently and without depending on medical treatment or nursing care, has grown in importance in recent years. Indeed, the concept of healthful lifespans is included in the Cabinet Office’s Society 5.0 strategy. Moreover, not only has awareness in sports and health heightened with the COVID pandemic, but demand for remote coaching systems that utilize digital technology is expected to grow. These developments will need to be supported.

Casio and ASICS have thus together developed personal coaching service Runmetrix for runners, combining an app, motion sensor, and G-SHOCK, in order to address these issues. The motion sensor allows Runmetrix to gauge more than 20 different indicators related to running, which are translated into components easy to understand. Runmetrix allows running characteristics to be visualized and suggests points for improvement and practice programs. Many existing app service features primarily measure and record components such as distance, pace, pitch, and stride. Runmetrix offers functions more in line with runner needs and helps to boost motivation.

Casio and ASICS also plan to expand into health fields beyond running. The two companies will offer Walkmetrix, a new service for walking, as the second stage of its value-sharing business. Walkmetrix is scheduled to be introduced in October 2021 in Japan. Moreover, the companies will actively expand the business beyond offering services to create a sports and wellness society, for example by supporting healthful community building efforts by local governments.

A sports and wellness society

About Runmetrix

Top-class runners actively break down running form with quantified data and receive guidance from coaches with specialist expertise. However, there are not many such opportunities for the leisure runner. Casio and ASICS have joined together to offer a personal coaching service in order to address that issue.
By running with the CMT-S20R-AS motion sensor with GPS and 9-axis sensor attached to the waist, runners can view not only data like running distance, pace, pitch, and stride, but also indicators related to form, like core angle, pelvic rotation, and ground impact. Based on these indicators, Runmetrix displays form analysis in 3D and advice for improvement on the app, and also creates practice plans to match goals as well as Exercise program using stretches and muscle training based on the results of the analysis.
G-SHOCK (GSR-H1000AS) displays data such as pace, distance, and heart rate while in motion. The addition of a motion sensor allows form indicators to be available in real time. The wearer can be alerted to any breaks in form.


The products are available not only at major electronics retailers throughout Japan and through online shopping, but also at the ASICS Japan directly operated retail outlets, ASICS online store and seven G-SHOCK antenna shops throughout Japan. Casio and ASICS have also developed their retail sales by integrating their strengths.

Key details about the service

■ Calculates an industry-leading * more than 20 different running indicators

Scientific measurements that in the past could only be taken at specially equipped facilities can now be gauged by simply attaching the device to the waist while running. Form data, like pitch and stride, as well as kickout acceleration, hip impact, and pelvic movement and angle, can be interpreted based on biomechanics knowledge and running form can be analyzed in fine detail.

  • As of January 27, 2021. Casio survey.

■ Personalized coaching for individual runners

Form is scored based on the collected data, and advice regarding points for improvement is offered using animation. Running and Exercise program designed for individual goals are also shown, so expert advice tailored for individuals is easily available. The device supports achieving goals.

Form analysis
Form animation
Running program
Bodysculpting program

■ Common basic running app features

The device offers not only personal coaching features, but manages running time, distance, and route data and also links to social media. It can also be used as an ordinary running app.

Statistical analysis of collected data
Social media connection

■ G-SHOCK shows running data at a glance

By connecting with the motion sensor, different indicators of running form can be checked in real time. Also, the wearer can be alerted to any breaks in form, so the device supports form improvement efficiently. G-SHOCK’s internal optical sensor can also measure heart rate, so the wearer can control their pace, checking the burden on the body.

Measurement mode screen
Pace guide feature
Form indicator screen

The pictures of the GSR-H1000AS and applications screens are sample images and the final designs are subject to change.

“Runmetrix” and “Walkmetrix” are trademarks of CASIO Computer Co., Ltd., Japan