Casio Privia PX-S1000 to Be Available in Red

The World’s Slimmest Digital Piano, Now in Brilliant Red

July 19, 2019


Tokyo, July 19, 2019 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today that it will release the new PX-S1000RD, a brilliant red model in its line of Privia PX-S1000 digital pianos which feature a slim, stylish design with the world’s slimmest depth from front to back,* while still delivering elegant keyboard touch and authentic timbre.

  • Among digital pianos with 88 hammer-action keys and built-in speaker, Casio survey as of July 19, 2019.

On the 15th anniversary of the Privia release, Casio went back to the original Privia concept of a “Private Piano” that people could enjoy playing in their own rooms. The result was the PX-S1000, which was released in February this year and features a slim, stylish body that differentiates it from conventional digital pianos while still reproducing the beautiful sound and natural playing feel of a grand piano. The PX-S1000 has been very warmly welcomed due to its advanced design as well as Bluetooth® audio playback and other functions that complement today’s lifestyles.

For the PX-S1000RD, Casio uses a brilliant red befitting the 15th anniversary celebration. A single high-brightness, high-saturation red covers the entire body, creating a strong presence not only in a room but also on a stage, unlike the black PX-S1000BK and the white PX-S1000WE, which are designed to blend in with the room.

The new piano is even more than a fine musical instrument. It accents the interior design of any home and can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker for music played from an external device.

Main Features of the PX-S1000RD

The slim and stylish body differentiates the Privia from other digital pianos in its class

By making full use of the digital technologies Casio has developed over the years, the new Privia offers a high-quality keyboard touch and an elegant sound, but in a 20% slimmer (depth from front to back) body than the previous model (PX-160). The operating panel also employs a touch sensor, delivering a simple yet advanced button-less design.

New Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard combines compactness with a natural playing feel

Key Off Response reproduces repeat-strike performance

The note off timing based on the keys’ movements when the fingers release from the key is digitally controlled. When the same note is struck repeatedly, the next tone sounds firmly even if the key has not completely come back up after being struck.

88-Key Digital Scaling realizes a grand piano-like touch

The touch of a grand piano varies with the differences in size and weight of the hammers over each of the 88 keys. The PX-S1000RD model delivers the feeling of playing a grand piano through a meticulous key-by-key digital simulation of these subtle differences in touch.

Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source reproduces the beautiful sound of a grand piano

Rich sustain makes for comfortable playing

This sound source seamlessly reproduces the natural changes in tone from the moment a note sounds, through its beautiful sustain, until it finally vanishes away, including changes in both volume and timbre. In addition, it reproduces the reverberations, characteristic of the piano, which occur with the passage of time as the sound dies away, resulting in even richer sounding piano sustain.

Acoustic Simulator reproduces grand piano string resonance and action sounds

The PX-S1000RD model achieves a realistic feel of the timbre of a grand piano by reproducing the resonance of strings with frequencies closely associated with those being played as well as the resonance that occurs when strings are released by depressing the damper pedal. This feature also reproduces the sounds of a grand piano’s action that occur when playing a pianissimo note, and when releasing a key.

Audio playback feature uses Bluetooth® to provide more ways to enjoy your digital piano

The user can listen to their favorite songs played through the speakers of the PX-S1000RD model, and listen with the surround effect to enjoy the feeling of a live performance in their home.

Connectivity with Casio’s dedicated Chordana Play for Piano app enables intuitive piano operation

Users can connect the PX-S1000RD to a smartphone or tablet and intuitively operate various piano settings from the app screen, for example, to change the tone or play preset songs.


Model Name
Number of Keys
Key Action
Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
Touch Response
5 sensitivity levels, off
88-Key Digital Scaling
Hammer Response
Key Off Response
Polyphony (Maximum)
Number of Built-in Tones
Sound Source
Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
Layer / Split
Acoustic Simulator
String Resonance
Yes (4 types, off)
Damper Resonance
Yes (4 types, off)
Key Action Noise
Yes (4 types, off)
Damper Noise
Yes (4 types, off)
Digital Effect
Sound Mode
Hall Simulator / Reverb
Hall simulator: 4 types
2 types
4 types
Yes (Preset for some tones)
Music Library
Demonstration-Only Songs
Song Expansion (User Songs)
Additional Features
Connectivity to Chordana Play for Piano
Bluetooth® Audio
Lesson Function
Part ON/OFF (Part select: right hand, left hand)
2 tracks, 1 song
Duet Mode
Octave Shift
0 to 9 beats, tempo range: 20 to 255
Included: Damper (SP-3); optional 3-pedal unit: damper, soft, sostenuto (new SP-34)
Half Pedal (Damper)
Yes (Optional SP-34)
Scale Tuning (Temperament)
Equal temperament + 16 variations
Operation Lock
Touch sensor buttons: 7
Connectivity and Storage
2 (Stereo mini)
2 (Damper, Pedal unit)
2 L/MONO, R (Standard jack)
Yes (Stereo mini)
16 cm × 8 cm (Oval) × 2
8W + 8W
Power Supply
AC Adaptor
Alkaline AA × 6 (Approx. 4 hours)
1,322 × 232 × 102 mm
11.2 kg
Included Accessories
Pedal (SP-3), music stand, AC adaptor (ADA12150LW)
  • This product is not equipped with MIDI terminals. MIDI communication between the product and a computer is performed using the USB port.
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