Casio Signs on Nine Major Outdoors and Sports App Companies as Official Partners for the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch with Android Wear

January 10, 2018


TOKYO, January 10 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today that, as of December 2017, it has signed on nine major app companies as official partners to provide outdoors and sports apps that enhance the user experience with Casio Smart Outdoor Watch wrist devices.

In 2016, Casio released the WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch, which runs on Android Wear OS, marking the company’s entry into the smartwatch market. In 2017, Casio released its second Smart Outdoor Watch, the WSD-F20, which is winning over outdoor enthusiasts and other users with its tough hardware performance and useful apps for the outdoors.

The WSD-F20 is equipped with low-power GPS, enabling the user to record and view activity logs and tracks from the wrist in situations that are not conducive to using a smartphone. To further enhance the usability of the watch, Casio has signed on nine companies that provide popular outdoors and sports apps with a global reach to be official partners. The companies will designate the Smart Outdoor Watch as a recommended device upon releasing Android Wear versions of their apps. They will also develop future services that take advantage of the unique functions and usefulness of the Smart Outdoor Watch. Casio will recommend these apps by showcasing them in the app list as official partners for the Smart Outdoor Watch.

Developer (Country)
Main Application/Features
Augmentra Ltd.(UK)
Trekking: Trail map display and trail guides
Golf: Golf course display and distance measurement
Glassy Surf Report
Gradient Technologies S.L (Spain)
Surfing: Surf/weather forecasts and session measurement
Ski Tracks
Core Coders Ltd. (UK)
Skiing/snowboarding: Distance and speed measurement
MySwimPro Swimming Workout Log
MySwimPro (US)
Swimming: Training guide and workout logging
Fishbrain AB (Sweden)
Fishing: Fishing forecast and fishing spot display
Zombies, Run!
Six to Start (UK)
Fitness gaming: Activity logging
Schvung Ride AB (Sweden)
Horse riding: Training guide and ride logging
Exercise Timer
NeuronDigital (Malta)
Fitness: Timer and training managemen