Casio to Release G’z EYE Tough Camera with Shock-Resistant,
Waterproof, Dustproof, Low-Temperature-Resistant Construction

Main Features of the GZE-1

Tough construction withstands the rigors of extreme sports

Bringing to mind the toughness of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches, the GZE-1 camera is shock-resistant to withstand a drop up to 4 meters, waterproof down to 50 meters, dustproof to the IP6X standard, and performs at temperatures down to -10°C. The material used for the camera cover is urethane resin for shock protection, and the buttons feature double gaskets to keep water out. The camera also employs the same cylindrical guard structure used in G-SHOCK watches, to absorb shocks. The top surface of the waterproof components employs a comb-tooth wave-resistant structure for the cover to dissipate wave impacts and water pressure, protecting the directional microphone and speaker. The large buttons are easy to press and the camera functions are clearly labeled using white and red accent colors, enhancing both the tough styling and ease of operation.

Tough construction to protect inner components
Comb-tooth wave-resistant structure

Dramatic Slow Motion captures decisive moments in a cool arrangement

Dramatic Slow Motion is triggered while shooting movies to instantly*1 switch that segment of the video for playback at 120 or 240 frames per second, simply by pressing the button at the desired moment. The video thus captured can then be played back in slow motion. The user can set the Dramatic Slow Motion trigger in advance for either before, before and after, or after the shutter button is pressed. While normally it can be difficult to capture decisive moments, with Dramatic Slow Motion, the user simply presses the shutter button as the action happens, to capture the key moments. Dramatic Slow Motion makes cool movies that show dramatic moments in super slow motion—great for tricks or jumps that happen in an instant in extreme sports such as BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and dance. In addition, Dramatic Slow Motion can be triggered multiple times within a single movie clip. The feature is easily triggered by pressing the button on the camera, and can also be triggered from the dedicated smartphone app or by using the separate Remote Controller or Controller with LCD (optional accessories).

Users can easily capture cool movie clips featuring slow motion footage, with no need to edit on a PC, so they can share the clips on social media right away.

  • *1 Length of slow motion capture can be adjusted depending on the situation.

G’z EYE app makes shooting a breeze during sports

G’z EYE app makes shooting a breeze during sports

Casio has developed the dedicated G’z EYE smartphone app, which connects to the GZE-1 camera over wireless LAN, to easily operate the camera even when the user is in the middle of the sports action. In addition to standard shooting mode, the app features a remote capture mode that displays only a large shutter button on the screen of the smartphone, allowing users to trigger the camera without looking at the phone so they can concentrate on the activity at hand. In addition to transferring footage to the smartphone, the app can show basic previews before transferring clips, which is useful when transferring selected clips to the smartphone.

Casio has given the app a custom user interface with a tough-looking hexagonal honeycomb theme. The app uses a stylish red, white, and black color palette with a clean interface that is easy to operate.

Camera pairs with shock-resistant, waterproof Remote Controller or Controller with LCD (optional accessories)

The GZE-1 can be mounted on a selfie stick or harness and triggered or operated with the handheld optional accessory Remote Controller or Controller with LCD. The Remote Controller can be used to shoot still photos or movies and can trigger Dramatic Slow Motion. The Controller with LCD has the additional ability to act as a monitor and adjust the camera settings. The Remote Controller is shock-resistant to withstand a drop up to 4.0 meters*2 and waterproof down to 50 meters,*3 while the Controller with LCD is shock-resistant to withstand a drop up to 1.7 meters and waterproof down to 1.5 meters.*3 Both the Remote Controller and Controller with LCD perform at temperatures down to -10°C and are dustproof to the IP6X standard.
The GZE-1 also connects to the Casio PRO TREK Smart WSD-F20 wrist device for outdoor activities,*4 which can be used for basic operations such as checking the monitor and triggering the shutter.*3

  • *2 Tested to withstand a drop from a height of 4 meters onto a lauan plywood sheet (Casio standard).
  • *3 Wireless connection does not work underwater
  • *4 Requires installation of G’z EYE Controller app for Android Wear.
Remote Controller GEC-1
Controller with LCD GEC-10

Accessories expand the shooting range for extreme sports

Casio offers three other optional accessories for use in diverse shooting situations. The Chest Mount Harness holds the camera at chest height to capture footage against dynamic backdrops. The Carabiner Strap with Camera Stand enables stable shooting from a fixed position. The Gimbal reduces camera shake and is useful for shooting when moving along with the subject. The Gimbal is rated IP55 against dust and water ingress, for capturing shake-free footage even in challenging weather such as snow and rain. The Gimbal can be mounted on the FR series EAM-4 Multi-angle Stick (optional accessory), for ease of carrying and smooth capture.

Chest Mount Harness GEA-1
Carabiner Strap with Camera Stand GEA-2
Gimbal GEA-3

Camera Mounted on Optional Accessories

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