Casio to Introduce New Connected Engine Module and Ten New Watch Models at BASELWORLD 2017

March 22, 2017

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is proud to exhibit at Baselworld. Once again this year, we present to the world the ground-breaking ideas of the brightest minds in our timepiece business and the great products that these ideas have brought to the global market.

In 1974, Casio entered the watch market with the CASIOTRON, the world’s first watch with an automatic calendar. Our commitment to creating timepieces that automatically and accurately tell the time and date—and never stop—is alive and well today.

Casio welcomed 2017 with a new focus on developing watches that will set the standard for next-generation timekeeping. Driven by our new development concept, “Casio Connected,” we are finding innovative ways to enhance the essential function of our watches—to keep accurate time anywhere and in any environment—while also delivering entirely new benefits for users.

At Baselworld 2017, we are showcasing G-SHOCK and OCEANUS watches equipped with our newly developed Connected Engine 3-Way module, which always keeps accurate time anywhere in the world. The module provides three-way time sync system and also automatically updates the watch’s internal data on daylight savings time (DST) and time zones from a smartphone. Our goal has been to create fully automatic timepieces that are optimised for today’s global era. We continue to develop leading-edge technologies to achieve this goal—performing the intrinsic watch function of always keeping accurate time anywhere in the world, by self-updating, self-adjusting, and self-charging.

Also on display from Casio is a wide range of distinctive new models in our EDIFICE, PRO TREK, BABY-G and SHEEN brands. We will feature Casio premium timepieces that exemplify Japanese craftsmanship and quality by combining the latest technologies with outstanding design.

We invite you to visit our booth to experience revolutionary Casio timepieces that integrate highly original technologies with beautifully sophisticated design.

Main models at BASELWORLD2017