Three Casio Products Win iF Design Awards

February 17, 2017

image:iF Design Awards

TOKYO, February 17, 2017 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today that three of its products have won iF Design Awards, a prestigious Germany-based international recognition for excellence in industrial product design. Following are the details of the products that were honored with the iF Design Award 2017.

Award Winning Products

  • Watch: EDIFICE EQB-600D
  • Digital camera: EXILIM Outdoor Recorder EX-FR100/EX-FR200
  • Electronic piano: CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500BP

About the iF Design Awards

The iF Design Awards are organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH, which is based in Germany, and are internationally recognized as a mark of excellence in industrial product design. Entries are carefully judged not only for their design features, but also for their quality, price, and environmental performance.
58 design experts selected the winning products for the iF Design Award 2017 from more than 5,500 submissions from 59 countries around the world.

Main Features of Award Winning Products


image:EDIFICE EQB-600D 1

image:EDIFICE EQB-600D 2

The EQB-600D is a Smartphone Link model of the high-performance EDIFICE watch brand, known for its dynamic design and advanced technology. The watch can be linked with a smartphone* for automatic time adjustment and enables the user to easily set the world time from a phone app. The watch feature the 3D Globe Dial, a dome-shaped, multidimensional inset dial with an Earth motif that displays the world time in an imaginative and aesthetically pleasing way.

  • Requires installation of Casio Watch+ app on the phone

EXILIM Outdoor Recorder EX-FR100/EX-FR200



EXILIM Outdoor Recorders are digital cameras designed to capture the fun of outdoor experiences. The EX-FR100 features an ultra-wide angle 16mm lens to capture all the excitement of outdoor activities, while the EX-FR200 features a 13.4 mm circumferential fisheye lens that captures either the entire surrounding 185-degree view or a 360-degree horizontal view. With each of these recorders, the LCD-equipped controller separates from the lens unit to enable wireless capture triggered by the controller, making it ideal for the outdoors. The detached lens unit can be affixed to the user’s body or mounted on a self-portrait stick to make it easy to capture angles that would otherwise be difficult to shoot.

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500BP

image:CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500BP 1

image:CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500BP 2

The GP-500BP is a digital piano that delivers an experience like a grand piano, throughout its tone, keys, and playing comfort. The piano features the AiR Grand Sound Source, which was developed through extensive research and analysis of the tonal quality and distinctiveness of the greatest pianos in history. The sound source, which delivers beautiful sound and rich reverberation just like a grand piano, includes the Berlin Grand, which was jointly developed with Bechstein. Another feature is the Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard made from wooden materials, which delivers the same mechanical hammer action as a grand piano to deliver superlatively fluid and sensitive touch. With a top board that can be opened to allow a glimpse of the hammers, the piano achieves a hybrid design concept that integrates acoustic tradition with digital technology.