Casio to Release EXILIM EX-TR80 That Captures Beautiful Skin to Suit User Preferences, Anywhere, Anytime

Finely Adjust Make-up Mode Levels to Create Beautiful Portraits; Enjoy Large LCD with Enhanced Color Reproduction for Even Better Looking Skin

February 17, 2017


TOKYO, February 17, 2017 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today that it will release the EX-TR80, the latest addition to its EXILIM TR series of digital cameras designed especially for shooting self-portraits. The EX-TR80 enables users to shoot self-portraits as they wish anywhere, anytime, enjoying customizable Make-up Mode and enhanced intelligence that help users create portraits to suit their preferences.

Casio launched the EXILIM TR series of cameras with a rotating frame and monitor in 2011. Featuring Make-up mode and an optimal design for taking self-portraits, the TR series has proven popular especially among young women, as beauty items that are no longer seen as a conventional camera.

The new EX-TR80 features even more customizable settings in Make-up Mode, enabling the user to capture beautiful skin reliably, just the way they want it to appear. In addition to including all of the Skin Tone presets that were popular with previous TR Series cameras, users can now finely adjust levels for Smooth Skin, Face Brightness, Sculpt, Dark Circles Remover, and Slim Face. With significantly enhanced intelligence to control image quality for skin, the camera reproduces consistent skin tones in variable conditions, whether outdoors, indoors or under different types of lighting. The EX-TR80 also automatically detects the skin status including full makeup, light makeup and evening makeup that needs touching up, making adjustments to keep the user’s skin looking beautiful. These features ensure that skin looks beautiful just the way the user wants it to look, regardless of shooting conditions and skin status.

The EX-TR80 has two LEDs to capture beautiful skin evenly. Even when shooting without LEDs, proprietary image quality adjustments work to render faces brightly while still retaining the dark mood of, for instance, a cafe, bar, party or night view.

The EX-TR80 is equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD, 30% larger than the one on the previous model. The larger screen is easy to see and delivers enhanced color reproduction to make skin look even more beautiful. The menu features a simple user interface for greater ease of use.

The latest in the EXILIM TR series of cameras, the EX-TR80 offers expanded features for capturing beautiful skin for all women who enjoy taking self-portraits, all in a highly stylish and attractive camera body.

Main Features of the EX-TR80

Camera captures beautiful skin to suit user preferences, anywhere, anytime

Even more customizable features for capturing beautiful portraits with just the right look

Just as every woman applies make-up in her own way, the EX-TR80 features a significantly more customizable version of Make-up Mode, enabling users to capture beautiful skin just the way they want it to look. Like choosing a foundation color, the camera offers presets for Natural, Natural Brightening, Brightening, and Pink skin tones. Users can finely adjust levels for each preset, adjusting for Smooth Skin, Face Brightness, Sculpt, Dark Circles Remover, and Slim Face. These settings can be adjusted in more than 9,000 combinations.

Advanced intelligence for producing consistent skin tones regardless of conditions, whether indoors, outdoors, with makeup or without makeup

The EX-TR80 realizes significant advancements in intelligence to control image quality for skin according to conditions. The camera adjusts the skin smoothness by detecting the skin status, such as with or without makeup, rough skin, or makeup that needs touching up. This ensures that the user’s skin appears consistently beautiful, regardless of shooting conditions and skin status.

Double LED light for capturing beautiful portraits even in the dark

Double LED light ensures reliable capture of smooth and beautiful skin using Make-up Mode, even in dark lighting. Consistently capture beautiful skin and attractive portraits that look great, even in a dark cafe, bar, party or night view.

Large 3.5-inch LCD makes taking self-portraits even more fun

Large LCD with split-screen image display

To make full use of the large LCD, a new Comparison View features a split-screen image display to review fine adjustments and fine-tune the Make-up Mode settings the user likes best. The user can also tag her favorite images as Favorites to quickly view or show them to others.

Enhanced color reproduction for making skin look more beautiful

LCD with enhanced color reproduction makes skin look even more beautiful.

Refined user interface

Menus feature a simple and accessible user interface for greater ease of use.

Design is ideal for taking self-portraits

The slim design of Japan-made cameras, further refined

The EX-TR80 features the popular slim form factor with a large LCD. The camera has a slim, wedge-shaped look that tapers from the lens unit toward the monitor. Casio designed it with a sleek shape that is easy for a woman to hold and ensures that her hand looks beautiful. The surface surrounding the lens is finely cut, giving the camera a highly refined look. Likewise, the highly detailed precision of the design is more than worthy of a camera made in Japan.

Rotating frame for shooting self-portraits in a variety of ways

The frame is machined from a block of aluminum for rigidity and a quality look. The user can shoot self-portraits in a variety of ways, by swiveling the frame to prop up the camera on a table for natural self-portraits, or, for example, on the floor to make her legs look longer using the camera’s wide-angle lens.

Selfie Art enables personalization of self-portraits

Selfie Art for adding a unique, stylish ambience to self-portraits

Users can add six artistic effects to images already made beautiful with Make-up Mode. The Elegant effect makes a photo look like it was taken right next to a window, while Foggy adds a softer ambience to the image. In other options, the Fairy effect brings out the feminine qualities of the image, while Nostalgia creates a retro-colored photo. Finally, Vivid makes photos brighter, and the Square effect creates square-shaped photos that are convenient for sharing on social media.

Camera creates original self-movies, too, ensuring the user looks great

Instant Movie for producing personalized stories

The user simply holds down the Instant Movie button to record a movie, and releases to stop. Press again, and another clip gets added, making it possible to link multiple clips in one movie. This makes it possible for the user to personally direct his or her own movie, which can then be played back repeatedly and enjoyed by many viewers if posted on a social networking site. Make-up effects can also be added to the movie.*1

  • *1 Effects for movies are different from those for photos.

Inverted processing enables mirror-image shooting

When the user points the lens and display in the same direction to take a self-portrait, the EX-TR80 can process the image as it appears on the screen, inverting it from left to right.

EXILIM Engine HS Ver. 3 delivers fast, responsive shooting

With its dual-CPU and two parallel image processors, the EXILIM Engine HS Ver. 3 enables advanced Make-up Mode processing at high speed. Users can take and view images comfortably and with no stress.

Bluetooth® low energy*2 and Wireless LAN enable connection with a smartphone

Bluetooth® low energy enables and controls the constant connection between the camera and a smartphone with the EXILIM Connect application installed.

  • *2 Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of these marks by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under license.

EXILIM Auto Transfer function for automatically sending images to a smartphone

By pressing the shutter button on the camera, the captured image can be automatically transferred to a smartphone.

Camera operations controllable via smartphone

Even when the EX-TR80 is turned off, a constant wireless connection to a smartphone is maintained by Bluetooth® low energy, allowing the user to use the smartphone to start up the camera, view images stored in it, and even copy the images to the phone.

EXILIM Album smartphone app offers new ways to enjoy photos

Users can enjoy creating albums of photos and video clips in the EXILIM Album app. They can automatically generate a Highlight Timeline or video clip from an album, using images and video clips chosen by the app based on shooting data. These can be saved on a smartphone*3 and shared on social media, enabling others to share the moments at parties or when traveling and adding a new dimension to enjoying images.

  • *3 Saving and sharing Highlight Timelines and Highlight Movies on an iPhone requires an iPhone 5s or newer and at least iOS9, on iPad requires an iPad Air or newer and at least iOS9, and on Android requires a device with Android 5.0 or above.