Casio to Release EXILIM Camera That Gives Skin a Healthier, Fresher Look

With EXILIM Auto Transfer, Now More Effortless Than Ever to Transfer Photos to a Smartphone

February 24, 2016


TOKYO, February 24, 2016 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of the EX-ZR3600, the latest addition to its EXILIM family of digital cameras. The EX-ZR3600 comes with Make-up mode, which makes skin look brighter and more naturally beautiful. Under the brand concept of “Amazing Gear,” EXILIM cameras continue to deliver new uses and new ways to enjoy digital picture-taking.

Casio launched the EXILIM TR series of cameras with a rotating frame and monitor in 2011. Featuring Make-up mode and an optimal design for taking self-portraits, the TR series has proven popular especially among young women, as beauty items that are no longer seen as a conventional camera. The most recent EX-TR70 has proven popular for its Make-up mode that gives skin a healthy and fresh look, to express the ideal of beautiful skin.

The new EX-ZR3600 comes with a 1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with a large surface for receiving more light when shooting in dim lighting and for high-speed burst shooting. The EX-ZR3600 features the same large sensor found in the EX-TR70, enabling the camera to express subtle details and bring out feminine beauty with remarkable clarity. Make-up mode can be applied to give skin a smooth, fresh look, and users can adjust it as they like.

The tilt-type LCD enables users to check the angle of the shot while composing a self-portrait, and the convenient Front Shutter makes it easy to take vertical self-portraits. These features make the EX-ZR3600 ideal for taking self-portraits.

EXILIM Auto Transfer automatically sends images that have been shot to a smartphone, and has been enhanced to make it even more convenient to share or automatically send images. The One Time Share feature makes it easy to share an image with someone’s smartphone without having to exchange addresses, just by reading a QR Code.*1 EXILIM Auto Transfer can now also be set to automatically recognize and transfer only self-portraits, or to let the user select which images she wants to transfer. Location data can also be added to images that are transferred to a smartphone. A smartphone app that works with location data can also be used to show where images were taken on a map, providing a fun way to relive a trip.

The EX-ZR3600 also comes with Highlight Movie and Highlight Photo modes, which give users a new way to use the images they have shot, by producing a digest of the day’s images using a proprietary algorithm.

*1 QR Code is a trademark of Denso Wave Inc.