• 6 Oscillator Monophonic Solo Synthesizer
  • HexLayer
  • Drawbar Organ Mode

61 keys
Touch Response : 2 sensitivity levels
Maximum Polyphony 64
620 built-in tones
USB to host
USB to host


Original song

Stable, intense sound generated by a newly developed sound engine,
the Hybrid Processing Sound Source

The XW incorporates CASIO's newly developed Hybrid Processing sound engine, which fuses an LSI sound source with a high-performance CPU and DSP. The resulting varied tones cross the borders between genres. Synth tones that are frequently used in live performances and Drawbar Organ tones are all at your disposal, contributing to impressively expressive performances.

Support for performers with high sound production standards
from over 2,000 built-in waveforms

A varied collection of 311 synthesizer waveforms has been reproduced from traditional analog synthesizer waveforms and built in. Full use of the Sliders and knobs enables intuitive sound creation by selecting among the 2,158 assorted available waveforms — including waveforms from the CZ synthesizer series of masterpiece instruments of the past. Tones can be changed freely in the course of a performance, moreover, supporting demonstration of awesome power during live performances as well.

Diverse range of top-quality preset tones

Solo Synthesizer (100 tones)

Reproduction of the tones employed by traditional analog synthesizers provides access to 100 preset tones dynamically employed in live stage performances. Preset sounds range from the crisp edge of a lead guitar to solid brass tones. Specialized Solo Synthesizer effects such as a ring modulator and delay are also incorporated.

Hex Layer (50 tones)

Overlapping of up to six tonal varieties achieves an intense sound with remarkable presence. A new realm of powerful, dynamically expressive performances is opened up to give your creativity free rein.

Drawbar Organ (50 tones)

Nine slider switches operate with a drawbar feel to provide a variety of organ sounds. A diverse selection of 50 drawbar settings for various musical genres is also preset.

PCM tones (420 tones)

PCM tones of superior-quality acoustic musical instruments, ranging from piano and guitar to a drum set, are all built in.

High-quality sound creation with 6 oscillator blocks [Solo Synthesizer tones]

Six oscillator units comprising the core of the synthesizer feature two Synth OSC blocks and two PCM OSC blocks for PCM tone and rhythm waveform selection as well as a Noise block for producing a variety of noises and an External Sound Input block for intake of such sound sources as digital audio equipment. The resulting ability to raise the volume to higher levels enables you to achieve denser, more powerful sounds.

* Monophonic only in the Solo Synthesizer mode.
* Original user-generated waveforms are selectable with the XW-G1.

A variety of functions to provide support during live performances

  • A Performance Function permits assignment of tones and performance settings to individual keys in as many as four zones, for each of which ON/OFF controller setting is possible.
  • A Phrase Sequencer is available for sound or user phrase presetting during a performance.
  • The Arpeggio Function for automatic playback of arpeggio patterns employs pressed keys as constituent sounds.

A complete outfit applicable to everything from performances to music production

  • SMF data and audio data*stored on SD cards is available for playback. This feature finds active use under a wide range of performance conditions, from live performances and rehearsals to practice sessions at home.
    *Requires downloading of dedicated application software and media conversion to a special format.
  • A diverse range of input and output terminals supporting connection to MIDI devices, microphones, audio players and other peripherals Possible uses include practicing while linked to an MIDI device or in sync with audio data.
  • Rubber holder for portable MIDI devices or audio equipment

5.4 kg lightweight body for easy carrying to a club or party. Battery-powered operability assures access to a power source, even in circumstances such as outdoor performances.


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