History of CASIO's Musical Instrument Business.

In 1980 Casio released the Casiotone 201, its first electronic keyboard. As a compact and attractively priced unit that could play sounds from various instruments, this new product drew acclaim from music lovers around the world. Casio subsequently developed numerous features that were only possible using digital instrument technology, including one-touch auto-accompaniment, memory capacity to record and playback songs, auto-play, a melody guide function that guides users through a song by lighting up the keys, and sampling technology for recording any sound for use as a sound source. Casio also broadened into other instruments for people who enjoy creating music, releasing digital drum kits, digital guitars and digital wind instruments. In addition to electronic keyboards, in recent years Casio has been stepping up efforts to expand the popularity of digital pianos.

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  • 1980

    First electronic keyboard

  • 1981

    Electronic keyboard with one-touch auto-accompaniment

  • 1981

    Electronic keyboard equipped with memory capacity and an auto-play function

  • 1981

    Electronic keyboard featuring a melody-guide function

  • 1983

    Mini keyboard with ROM pack

  • 1984

    First synthesizer with Phase-Distortion synthesis technology

  • 1986

    First digital piano

  • 1986

    Mini sampling keyboard

  • 1986

    Digital drum kit for playing sounds via MIDI

  • 1987

    16-bit sampling synthesizer

  • 1987

    Digital guitar featuring various tones

  • 1988

    Easy-to-play digital wind instrument

  • 1988

    Casio's first keyboard with a sampled sound source

  • 1988

    Digital piano that sounds and plays like a real piano

  • 1991

    First CELVIANO digital piano with AP sound source

  • 1991

    Keyboard with the feel of a DJ setup

  • 1994

    Mini keyboard with light-up keys

  • 1996

    Electronic keyboard with standard-size light-up keys

  • 2000

    Electronic keyboard featuring Zygotech Polynomial Interpolation (ZPI) sound source with drawbar function

  • 2002

    Stylish, slim compact digital piano

  • 2003

    First Privia stylish digital piano

  • 2008

    Electronic keyboard with AHL sound source

  • 2009

    Digital piano with Linear Morphing AIF Sound Source