Constant connection with Bluetooth® low energy,
send and receive with Wi-Fi

Compatible with Bluetooth® low energy, all you need to do is install the dedicated “EXILIM Connect” app to your smartphone and set it up just once to maintain a constant connection between your phone and camera. Combined with a feature that automatically sends your captured images by connecting with Wi-Fi at the press of a shutter button, the ZR65 will provide you with endless potential for fun.

Bluetooth / WiFi
EXILIM Auto Transfer
Google Play
App Store
  • App may not work on some smartphone models.
  • Check Google Play or App Store for OS versions that are compatible with the app.
  • App specifications and system compatibility are subject to change without notice.

VERSION UP! [ EXILIM Auto Transfer ] Auto send images to your smartphone at the press of a shutter button

EXILIM Auto Transfer

You can “Auto Send” captured images to your smartphone simply by taking pictures as you usually do. Your images are sent directly to your smartphone, even when it’s tucked away in your bag.
Not only can you view the beautiful images you took with your EXILIM camera on your smartphone, but you can also enjoy sharing them with your friends on cloud album*or SNS site.

  • smartphone photo app “Scene”
EXILIM Connect
With just a first time setup…

Simply install the dedicated “EXILIM Connect” app on your smartphone to link your smartphone to your camera. Once you’ve set this up, you will have a constant Bluetooth® low energy connection between the two. On top of that, because it’s Bluetooth® low energy, it won’t drain your smartphone’s battery a lot.

Constant Connectio
EXILIM Connect User Guide
“Auto Send” at the press of the shutter button
  No smartphone operation required! 
connection to the smartphone
Constant Connection
  • Bluetooth® low energy compatible smartphone required.
  • May not be possible depending on the communications environment or the smartphone model to be connected.
Accessing the “Scene” smartphone app

You can very conveniently view, sort and share images at high speed by using the “Scene” access function of the “EXILIM Connect” app. The “Scene” smartphone app can be easily accessed from the “EXILIM Connect” app’s TOP screen or the screen displayed after sending images.


“Scene” is a smartphone app that is specifically designed for “enjoying pictures on your smartphone”. It features a simple and intuitive interface for quickly searching any desired image, and easily sorting photos in your album with the touch of your finger. Other features include the capability to send friends a maximum of 1,000 shots at one time for as many times as you may want.

About “Scene”

NEW Easily send images using QR Code

A QR code is displayed when you select an image using the One Time Share function. By loading the QR code onto your smartphone, you can easily share images there and then, without being asked to install an app or providing contact information.

One Time Share
Constant Connection

Picture information of the QR codes is saved. They can then be printed and sent, uploaded to SNS, or used in various other ways.

QR codes
NEW  Auto Send only images that contain faces

Auto Send*1 only the images taken with Face Detection*2 (snapshots of people only) to a smartphone. With the Tilt-type LCD open, you can also Auto Send only selfies taken with Face Detection (selfie snapshots only). This is handy for sharing images taken together with friends.

  • *1 Must be set up first.
  • *2 Face Detection must be [On].
NEW  Select and send your favorite images

When viewing captured images, you can select only your favorites and send them to a smartphone. While sending images, you can still set up other images for sending and take pictures.

NEW Add location info to sent images

Add shooting location info to images sent to a smartphone. Enjoy looking back on your trips by using a smartphone app to display images on a map.

  • Map app must be installed separately.
  • Location info must be [ON] on the smartphone.
Add location info to sent images

[ Remote Capture from your Smartphone ]

From your smartphone display, you can easily set up compositions, angles, and poses as well as release the shutter. This means you can shoot even better selfies.

  • Shooting stills (Premium Auto Pro, Program Auto, CS, Pre-record CS)
  • Movie shooting*1
  • Flash On/Off (Auto, Red Eye Reduction, Flash On, Flash Off)*2
  • Self-timer (10 sec, 2 sec, × 3, Off)*2
  • Zoom
  • Recording mode (still images, movies) switching
  • *1 Video is STD (standard) image quality only.
  • *2 Not allowed by some recording modes.
Remote Capture from your Smartphone

[ Sending Images to a Smartphone ]

You can send captured images to a smartphone.


Sets of selected images are transmitted simultaneously.

  • Up to 100 still images / movies, or up to a total of 500 MB, can be transmitted as a single set.
Easily upload to SNS

After sending images from the camera to your smartphone, you can immediately upload the images to SNS sites.

  • Smartphone must be pre-installed with the SNS application that is to be used for uploads.
  • The SNS application has to be set up before use.
Easily upload to SNS

[ Conveniently check images on your smartphone or PC ]

Images stored in the camera can be viewed, saved, etc. on your smartphone or a PC’s WEB browser without installing the dedicated app.

  • The ZR65 can be simultaneously connected with up to a total of 8 devices such as smartphones or PCs.
Conveniently check images on your smartphone or PC

All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.
Actual images may appear different from those shown here. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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