Enhanced Usability

We’ve pursued specs that make the camera comfortable to use outdoors, such as environmental toughness, great visibility and operability.

Toughness that can take water, cold and being dropped

  • Impact and cold specs — takes being dropped from up to 1.7m (1.3m when joined)*1and the cold — down to -5℃
  • Waterproofing*2: equivalent to IPX8, IPX6
  • Dust-proofing: equivalent to IP6X
  • Reinforced cover glass (dual construction) to prevent cracking from shocks
  • Water-resistant touch panel (controller)*3

*1Cleared testing under our proprietary standard, drafted with reference to MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5-Shock (cleared a drop test from 1.7m onto plywood in 10 directions (on 6 sides and 4 edges)). This does not guarantee that the camera will not break or malfunction under any circumstances. Watertightness cannot be guaranteed after dropping.

*2Allows continuous use during immersion in water to a depth up to 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) for 60 minutes (Test conditions defined by CASIO) and protection against jet spray from all directions.

*3Touch panel operation is not supported under water.

NEWLarge, clear and easy-to-see 3.0-inch 920,000-dot LCD

Equipped with a bright, high-performance LCD with a wide viewing angle and high contrast ratio. It’s easy to read outside, so you can easily check the screen even as you're enjoying an activity.

An intuitive touch panel and multi-color UI

Equipped with a UI that facilitates intuitive operation on the large, 3.0 inch screen. Our goal was a screen that is easy to see and use, with touch controls on the side of the screen and functions differentiated by color. It’s easy to operate as it feels like a smartphone.



Touch shooting

You can operate the camera with just a touch — tripping the shutter or locking the focus.

Multicolors corresponding to functions

Colors and functions are joined together, linking icons with the screens they transition to. Intuitive to use and clear to view.

Functions that enhance its ease-of-use

♦ Turning the camera off automatically turns the controller off simultaneously.
♦ The monitor display can be flipped to mirror image while shooting.
♦ Capable of deleting a series of images in playback mode.
♦ Quickly and easily increase/decrease the highlight scores of multiple images.
♦ The time until the monitor sleeps after last operation can be set.

Materials and construction for producing comfortable shooting

♦ The cover glass (camera) has a dirt-resistant coating
♦ An elastic floating structure (camera) for guarding against shock
♦ Made of a lightweight, strong, fiber-reinforced nylon material (hinge unit)
♦ Made of stainless steel (stays) via the MIM process of molding and sintering metallic powder

Anti-slip treatment to enhance operability outdoors

♦ Tactile coating to improve grip and feel
♦ Dimpling to improve the ease-to-hold
♦ Knurled so you can tell the position of buttons by touch

Uses Bluetooth®for quick responsiveness

Communication between the camera and controller is via Bluetooth®Ver. 2.1+EDR Connects wirelessly quickly on power-up and keeps the connection intact even in sleep mode. Compared to Wi-Fi, recovery and reconnection times are quick, for smooth shooting.

Smart operability that doesn’t feel wireless

The camera unit and the controller unit have Bluetooth®chips and MCUs. The link is controlled by the two MCUs in synchronization, so it’s so easy to operate, you never notice the wireless communication. Even if the camera unit and the controller unit are moved apart, the link enables stable monitor display.

*The maximum range for shooting with the controller's shutter button is around 10 meters (32.8'). The maximum range for viewing the image on the controller's monitor screen is around five meters (16.4').

USB Charging and Powered Drive

Use USB connection between the body and a PC or power supply adapter, you can not only recharge, but use as a power supply as you shoot. This is useful for long-term drive.

All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.

Actual images may appear different from those shown here. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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