EX-FR100Advanced Camera Performance

Advanced Camera Performance

We’re pursuing camera performance that is perfect for outdoor use via our unique high-speed and sensing technologies.

NEW[ EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3 ] Two image processing circuits for high-speed performance

A dual-pipeline processing circuit (2 CPUs and 2 ISPs *1) and a DRP *2for processing images at high speed have now made it possible to continue pressing the shutter to take photographs while complex image processing is taking place. Its easy-to-see screen and intuitive operations make shooting all the more pleasant.

*1Image Signal Processor: An image-processing unit for digital cameras that processes image signals at high speed.

*2Dynamic Reconfigurable Processor: A processor which can freely adjust the hardware configuration to suit any requirement.

EXILIM Engine HS, Ver.3

Dual CPU engine

NEW[ Intelligent Interval ] For limited blurring or tilt, even with active scenes

During interval shooting, even as the camera shoots continuously at high speed, it uses its sensors to detect movements and orientation of the camera, analyzes them in real time and automatically selects the images with least blurring or tilt. Then it further analyzes the images, such as for facial detection, contrast, etc., and saves the best 1 frame. Our high-speed and sensing technologies let you get nice, clean shots with little blur or tilt.

[ Quick Response ] With a shooting interval of just 0.4 second*, you can snap pictures fast and easy

Take shot after shot with a shooting interval of just 0.4 seconds*. You can press the shutter again right after a shot, making for stress-free shooting. In short, you'll never miss a sudden photo op.

*Based on CIPA standards.

NEW[ Max. 30 fps High-speed Continuous Shutter*] Captures the moment you want to shoot

EXILIM has realized high-speed continuous shooting of 12 MB images at up to 30 frames/second.*It can capture fast-moving subjects in crucial moments.

*A maximum of 30 images can be taken.

NEW[ Prerecord Continuous Shutter ] Can also capture continuous shots the moment before you press the shutter

The high-speed burst shooting of up to 30 frames, before and after the shutter is fully depressed. You never miss a photo opportunity.

♦ Maximum number of shots possible/time: 15 frames before and after pressing the shutter
♦ Continuous shooting speed: 30 frames per second

NEW[ High-speed Movie*] Captures moments on video that you can’t see

Shooting in our 240fps high-speed movie captures fast movements, such as in active sports, the human eye can’t even see. It allows you to play back momentary movements in slow motion.

*Capable of shooting 240 frames per second.

NEW[ 3-axis Anti-Shake Video ] enables movies with little blur

1Vertical Shift   2Horizontal Shift   3Rolling

In addition to vertical and horizontal shake compensation, we’ve added anti-shake to the 3rd axis, roll. Thanks to its sensing and image analysis, it grasps the camera movement, allowing it to shoot movies with minimal blur, even while moving in an active scene.

All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.

Actual images may appear different from those shown here. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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