MS Series
-Non Programmable-


Main features of MS series 2nd edition

Excellent quality

CASIO has established three criteria to ensure excellent quality of MS series.

Quality feature 1 : Wear-resistant printing

2,000-cycle wear testing
Since these calculators are used as educational tools for long periods of time, we have carefully selected materials that ensure robust key durability and prevent wear or fading of key markings to ensure product quality.

Durable Anti-fade keys

Quality feature 2 : Drop-resistant body

Drop testing from a height of 75cm
High product quality prevents key malfunction due to drop impact if a calculator falls off a classroom desk to the floor, or display(LCD) or key breakage if a calculator is accidentally crushed in a schoolbag.

Durable Anti-fade keys

Quality feature 3 : Environmentally friendly

Compliant with RoHS environmental regulations
The materials used in MS series calculators comply with European RoHS environmental regulations, an international standard. The product quality reflects concern for health and the environment.

Durable Anti-fade keys
  • Complies with DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP.

Authenticity Check

A sticker with a QR Code* and a hologram is affixed to each calculator package of CASIO MS series. A product can be authenticated by scanning the QR Code and confirming it using the Web Authenticity Check System, and also by examining the hologram.

  • QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and other countries.
Durable Anti-fade keys
Durable Anti-fade keys

Design -Simple and easy to use-

Optimal education tools realized through a design that emphasizes comfort in the hand, legibility, and usability through the persuit of simplicity.

More comfortable in the hand!
Durable Anti-fade keys
A rounded design that fits naturally in the hand and a slim body that’s comfortable to hold
Attachable and detachable in any direction!
Durable Anti-fade keys
Hard case that’s attachable and detachable in any direction for greater ease of use
More legible!
Durable Anti-fade keys
The frequently used number keys have been enlarged, and the keys are printed in an easy-to-read font.
Easier to use!
Durable Anti-fade keys
Highly visible, easy-to-press cursor keys and function keys

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