fx-FD10 Pro

Strength and usability appropriate for outdoor work

A durable body unaffected by natural environments

High shock resistance ensures durability for outdoor use. The smoothly rounded corner shape prevents damage due to dropping.

Shock resistant to drops from a height of 4 ft (122cm)*1 [Military standard-compliant (810G Method 516.6-Shock)*2].
The body incorporates comfortable molded non-slip elastomer grips designed with outdoor use in mind.

*1: The test data shows the actual results based on Casio standards and does not guarantee that actual products will suffer no external blemishes, damage or faults.
*2: The “Method 516.6-Shock” shock resistance testing method under the MIL-STD-810G standard set down by the US Department of Defense requires that a total of 5 or fewer calculators pass tests in which a set of 5 calculators is subjected to drop testing from a height of 4 ft (122cm) onto a plywood board (lauan) from 26 directions (6 planes, 8 angles, 12 edges).

IP54-Compliant Water-Resistance*1 and Dust-Resistance*2

The fx-FD10 Pro conforms to the IP Code, or Ingress Protection Rating, an international standard for water-resistance*1 and dust-resistance*2. Rigorous specifications for water-resistance and dust-resistance ensure that the calculator can be safely used outdoors.

*1 IP Code IPX4(Splash-proof: Water splashing from any direction has no harmful effect.)
*2 IP Code: IP5X(Dust-proof: Ingress of dust in sufficient quantity to interfere with the operation of the equipment is prevented.)
Note: When all covers for connectors, etc. are closed

Built-in backlight for work in dim locations or low-light times of day

The calculator has a backlit display and illuminated keyboard, which permit operation in dim locations or low-light evening conditions.

Side keys facilitate operation even when one hand is occupied

It’s easy to search for the desired program with one hand, freeing up the other hand to perform various tasks.

Screw-operated battery cover (water-resistant)

The battery lock prevents the battery cover from opening due to drop impact.

Strap Holes

The calculator has strap holes in five locations for adaptability to a wide range of applications. It accepts belt-type straps.