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Grip type handheld terminal

The DT-X8 series handheld terminal provides exceptional durability, and easy operation by fine key design and highly visible LCD.


Grip type handheld terminal

The DT-X7 series provides ergonomic styling yet tough to meet all working environments including in harsh conditions.


Grip type handheld terminal

The DT-X30 series offers the wireless communication options vial W-WAN (EDGE, GPRS, GSM), W-LAN and Bluetooth, and GPS.


Grip type handheld terminal

The DT-930 series is designed with development concept "Easy-to-hold, easy-to-operate slim device that withstands harsh working environments" in mind.


Grip type handheld terminal

The DT-970 series is provides the ergonomic design based on human-centered design process and tougher performance for the harsh environments in the workplace.


Business support Tablet terminal

Slim & Stylish design combined with high performance and various features optimised for business use.


PDA type handheld terminal

The IT-300 compact communication terminal accelerates communication in multiple business environments. The IT-300 changes the style of workforce communication and co-operation.


PDA type handheld terminal

The IT-800 series combines toughness and durability in a compact and elegant design to suit a wide variety of business environment.


Handheld printer terminal

The IT-9000 series is an all-in-one handheld printer terminal which is ideally suited for operations that require printing on the spot.

IT-9000 Series
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Handheld Terminals